Happy Easter: Family Egg Dying, Duck Tape Chick & Bunny Buns!

Happy Easter to my Frugalcrafter Family! We just got back from Easter Dinner at my parents house, it was good to spend the afternoon with my folks and sis! We were busy having fun this weekend, we stayed in and crafted since it SNOWED AGAIN yesterday and this morning and I am pretty sure many of the eggs the Easter bunny delivered outside went un-found so that will be interesting as the snow melts. As always with family get-togethers I bring rolls and I remember seeing some bunny shaped rolls on Pinterest once so I tried it…actually these are my daughter Lila’s her’s came out way cuter than mine LOL!


Speaking of Lila, she made this cute duct tape chic last night.


I wanted to try a different method of dying eggs this year and since my kids are older I decided to see if I could use my batik needle tool and wax to make a cooler resist than the standard coloring on eggs with a crayon method. Here is the video:

I hope you had a lovely Easter and thanks for stopping by and sharing a bit of ours. Happy, or should I say “hoppy” crafting!



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  1. Oh I know you are tired of the snow. Glad you had a nice Easter with your family and hope you have a good week.


  2. Happy Easter to you also!! I agree that the snow needs to GO! It can go away mad or not but it just needs to GO AWAY! Once and for all! So sick of seeing white!


  3. I love your kids creations – they’re very talented! Happy Easter to you all!


  4. The snow in New York is all gone so we are lucky.
    The Greek Orthodox church celebrates Easter after Passover
    so Easter for us is this Sunday. That gives me a week to try your
    technique of decorating eggs using wax. If the egg with the wax
    is held over a candle the wax might come off easier.


  5. I have a totally unrelated question. I’ve got a current interest in acrylic paints. I would like to purchase some cheap supplies. I don’t know how long this “interest” will last so I don’t want to invest a lot of money. Can you give me a recommendation on paint and brushes brands, so I can get good results but not break my bank? Thanks for your help.


    • Try Delta Ceramcoat paint and a multi pack of brushed like the Regency line from Royal & Langnickle and canvas panels are cheaper than stretched canvas. That will get you started and you can use the paints and brushes on other DIY projects if the interest passes.


  6. Hi Lindsay,
    BELATED EASTER WISHES to you and your family.
    Thank you to you and your daughter for showing us great Easter ideas.
    Forget about the snow and keep on crafting. Spring is a coming, just do not know when!!
    Bes wishes.

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  7. Thanks for a great idea!

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  8. Regarding video length. You r great just as you are . Don’t change a thing

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  9. Love the impromptu video!


  10. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    I used to receive a video from your website every day. This is the last one I received dated April 5, 2015.
    Is there a problem with your website?
    I miss receiving them!!!!
    I look forward to your reply.


    • You did not miss anything, I completely forgot to post yesterday the 6th,:) I just posted so you should receive the notice in email tonight, if not check your spam folder:)


      • Hi Lindsay 🙂
        Thank you for your reply. YES, I just received it. THANK YOU, I love your videos and my day is not complete until I’ve viewed your videos – long or short – I love them!!!!
        Wishing you a great evening.


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