It’s Almost Library Appreciation Week!

Hi Friends! Can I get a cheer for the library? I have always loved libraries. I love that anyone can take any book home for free! I am not one to read a book more than once unless it is a reference book so it cuts down on the clutter in my home not to mention the way my kids devour books, I would go broke without my library. The library is the heart of a community but often people take it for granted because it is “free” well really, it is not. It is free for you to use and enjoy but it costs money to operate so if it is not used funds might be cut SO go to the library, it won’t cost you a dime (unless you have overdue fees and my library does not charge them) but it will keep the lights on. And if you are planning a trip to the library this month why not whip up a batch of these goodies to give yo your librarians…


…and if my librarian is reading (Hi Audrey!) you will find these in a box over overdue library books next week. Backstory, we borrow a lot of books out at a time and when it gets a little crazy I ask the librarian to email me a list of all the books we have out and we do a scavenger hunt and the kid that finds the most books wins. We call this “Library book scavenger hunt time!!!!” Feel free to copy this idea, we moms need all the help we can get. Plus this game is way more fun than “missing lunchbox scavenger hunt” and way less stinky…unless an overdue book is found in a missing lunchbox and well, then we need to buy the library a new book. 🙂  Are you ready to make some groovy bookmarks? Watch the video to see how:

Shipping tags (I used 3″x6″ manila tags)
Crochet lace
Baker’s twine
Paper ribbon
Mesh ribbon
Stamps (Glitz)
Ink Pads in black and shades of plum
scrap fabric, hot glue

1. Stamp background design and ink edges of tag with plum ink.
2. Stamp lace and postmarks in black ink.
3. Glue on mesh, fabric and lace using hot glue.
4. Thread paper ribbon through the hole and knot it.
5. Tie bakers twin around paper ribbon.
6. Give to your librarian!

You can find many of the supplies I used at our sponsor Papermart! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

14 thoughts on “It’s Almost Library Appreciation Week!

    1. Paper,art had a freight forwarding service if you want to order. If you want I can give your email to my contact and someone in shipping can contact you about it.


  1. Thanks for the plug for libraries….a tremendous resource often forgotten…..not to mention the staffs that keep them running! Cool and thoughtful idea….everyone needs to feel appreciated.


  2. Sweet bookmarks! Thank you for talking up libraries – such a fantastic resource that is sometimes forgotten in the Internet age. People who haven’t checked out (!) their public library lately might be very surprised at all they have to offer.


  3. I love libraries since I was a kid. I hung out at my local library every Saturday when I was young. When I was in high school I worked in the school library! And don’t get me started on bookstores. The University Bookstore on the UW-Madison campus is 4 stories of books! My sister and I could live there! Lol


  4. We have a library in a neighboring city that hasn’t changed. Others are turning into metal, glass, and computers. Those just seem too cold. I head to the local Half Price Book Store. I re-read books. Sometimes, I end up repurchasing titles that I gave up years ago. Oh, well. Woo Hoo for libraries!!


  5. Hi Lindsey, great idea for Libraries! I grew up reading but since I live in a huge town, my Dad drove me to the Big downtown library where I would stay for hours, call him to pick me up with my allotted books and home I went to read, read, read! I still read a lot but on my NOOK. But because I love paper and do art, I still buy my favorite authors in book form to read and keep even though, I do not have the room, I manage to find places, especially for any books having to do with art!!


  6. As an avid reader, I think having to have a scavenger hunt to find all your books is awesome! True story: In October 2012, I injured my back and was unable to drive. My husband took on the twice a week task of taking me to our local library. Four weeks later, he bought me a Nook reader. Love it! He bought a nice cover for it so it feels like a real book. Sadly, I hadn’t been to my library since! Haven’t paid for any books, either, mostly read free books or go to our state library site for e-books. Two weeks ago I went to my library. The head librarian looked up, laughed and said, “are you new in town?” (I live in a town of 3,500 people!) I promised her I would come more often. She even offered to not be offended if I brought my Nook and read at the library, haha. Most libraries have wonderful lectures, free, and I’ve even met Monica Ferris, who has written a series of craft-based mystery books. She was doing a book tour by train and stopped in our little town! The librarian called me, “Get down here, Monica Ferris is here & I know you’ve read every one of her books!” Gotta love a small town! Thank you for all your great videos!


  7. That is a very good idea to get the kids involved in the search. Great way to show your appreciation for your librarians. I was an librarian aid for 1-1/2 hrs in high school and it was great.


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