Let’s Paint an Orchid Together!

Hi friends! Today we are going to paint this orchid! I was so happy to see it in bloom again, surely it is a sign of spring right?


I will show you how to draw the orchid in the video but if you prefer to have a pattern I have a similar orchid illustration in the Fancy Flowers digital stamp set. I sketched the picture with a yellow watercolor pencil and I also used my new Golden Qor watercolors.


I have to say I like using them much better dry in the tin AND they dried quickly, I was even able to close the tin without them falling out of the wells ad making a mess. I think the Aquazol binder these paints use help the paint adhere to the palette better. That said the color released quickly when touched with a wet brush. I enjoyed these so much that I ordered the other two intro sets of 6 from MerriArtist because they had them cheaper ($20.99 vs $24.49 a set at all of the big store I usually order from) and a coupon (coupon code 10OFF) for $10 off an order of $100 and free shipping on orders over $90. I am not affiliated with MerriArtist but I ordered Saturday and my order should be here tomorrow so I am happy! You don’t have to have these paints though, any watercolor paints will work. Watch the video to see how it is done:

If you don’t have any watercolor pencils you can sketch lightly with a pencil and when it comes time to do the veining on the orchids you can use a thin liner brush and paint but you need to let the petals DRY completely first instead of working on the wet petals with the watercolor pencils.  I used Prima watercolor pencils but any brand is fine. I hope you try this lesson. Several viewers who saw the video on YouTube already have shared their beautiful paintings with me on TheFrugalCrafter facebook page and they all turned out so nicely. I love seeing the painting you have made, it touched my heart that you would take time out of your day to watch my videos and make a painting or project that I designed. I also love you guys supporting each others creative endeavors.  🙂 Thanks so much for spending some of your day with me and til tomorrow happy crafting!

18 thoughts on “Let’s Paint an Orchid Together!

  1. Beautiful Orchid, and you never talk to much. I could watch and listen to you all day. I never have any luck with orchids they die on me. I think I pay to much attention to them. They are a beautiful flower.

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  2. I really appreciate the info on buying pigments as opposed to regular colors…I don’t actually read the labels but I will from now on!


  3. Linday, this is just gorgeous! I especially like your “chatter” as you paint. You give some extra little tidbits of details and tips and I like hearing little snippets of your family life, where, why and how you buy items, your flea market shop, etc. Both the shorter and longer videos are all definitely worth watching. I especially like that you try different products and are willing to share your response to them and how to use them, as well. I’m a watercolor artist, so that is mostly what I watch on your channel, but do enjoy some of your other craft videos, as well. Thanks for keeping us motivated….Happy Crafting, Lindsay!


  4. I’m going to try to draw this, Lindsay but I’m really happy to see that you have a set of digi stamps for when I realise I just can’t draw for anything lol. Now, I’m thinking that if I want to print them and use watercolour paint, it would be better to use my old laser printer to stop the outlines from running, is that right? x


    1. that is a great idea, I usually print them out to size and use graphite paper to transfer them to my watercolor paper because all I have is an inkjet;) either way sounds good though!


  5. You are the best teacher. I like to hear you talk and explain things. I never dreamed I could paint anything like this——-guess what I did it!!!
    Yeah–and I am thrilled with the results. Thank you for all you time and hard work. This really makes me relax. Thanks!
    I only have watercolor pencils and did not have watercolor paper but it still looked good. I ran right out and bought good watercolor paper and came home and did another one. Had a little trouble with the second flower. Over all great results. Thanks again !


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