Help me finish this art journal page & marker winner announced!

Hi Friends! Today I will show you some more coloring techniques with the fabulous Spectrum Aqua Markers, I’ll show you how I colored this:


But first I need to pick 4 winners for the Spectrum Aqua Marker giveaway sponsored by Hallmark Scrapbook! If you are a winner please check your email because I have sent you info to claim your prize!

The winners are:

Ramona Wallace (USA-Nature Set)

Barb Macaskill (USA-Essential Set)

grandmastovall (USA-Floral Set)

Juliana H. (Germany-Primary Set)

Congratulations to all the winners! If you missed out don’t worry, the Spectrum Aqua markers are still on sale and available at Hallmark Scrapbook. I know a lot of you have picked up these marker sets so today I want to share how to color and blend skin tones since they seem to give people the most trouble. Color along with whatever watercolor markers you have.

I have heard from many of you that your paper tends to “pill” when you try to color with watercolor markers. To avoid that you want to use a paper that can handle the water that is in the markers. Typing paper and most cardstock are not sized enough to handle the water. A watercolor paper or mixed media pad works much better. When you are shopping for paper look for pads that say “can handle light washes” there are many papers that are designed for kids that will work well (like the cheap white sulphite paper I used on the jellyfish last week.) If you are still having trouble with your paper scribble your markers on a dish and use a damp brush to color with, a soft paintbrush will be less abrasive on your paper. Also notice how I did not work any of the paper on today’s sample too long. I use a Canson XL Mixed Media pad which is an affordable option and most craft stores, even Wal-Mart has it.


As always try out these techniques with what you have, practice and do not be discouraged. It takes a bit to get the feel for how long you can let the marker set and how much water you need. One of my favorite things to do with new markers is to scribble some out and try blending them with a wet brush. Just playing with the colors on paper will teach you a lot and you won’t worry about making a mistake. I hope you found this helpful! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


28 thoughts on “Help me finish this art journal page & marker winner announced!

  1. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    That is wonderful news that you are OK!!!
    Congratulations to the winners!
    I really enjoyed watching you painting your journal page and listening to the joy in your voice.
    Title suggestion: Life is like a rose, take time to enjoy it.
    Best wishes and take care.


  2. As a three time cancer survivor I know exactly how you felt! So glad that everyone turned out ok and that it was just a scare! Love your videos and that you share your life with us. It is nice to know that others go through things like this and talking about it makes it less scary.
    I also want to say a HUGE thank you for me being one of the lucky Spectrum Aqua winners! I have replied to the email and am anxiously awaiting their arrival!
    Awesome video that I am going to be referring to often as I practice. THANK YOU!!!! Have a great weekend!

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  3. So glad you got a good health report. Happy day!!! How about: “Thinking of you” as a sentiment. The girl’s face is pensive, so she is thinking.


  4. I am so glad you are ok! I too am a survivor (it’s always amazing to hear myself say that, I am eternally grateful to everyone who cared for me during that time). Your design is awesome, Lindsay…I love the expression you created here. The tips for using markers are super. Keep ‘talking’, keep those videos spinning…I would much rather watch a longer video which provides excellent instruction vs a short video that creates confusion or frustration. You’re doing it right!


  5. Great news and great work of art Lindsay!!!! We are grateful for both….want you around for a longgggggggggg time!
    Paper Hugs,ljan


  6. Such great news Lindsay! Have had that scare myself. I think you should title it just as you said “don’t take your health for granted” since it is your journal and serves as an artistic diary of your life. I just happen to have recently bought the same stamp and bought the markers from Hallmark due to your review of them so I guess the powers that be are telling me to give this a try. Thank you for your wonderfully instructional videos and for sharing with us. We’re all friends here! Hugs


  7. Thanks for sharing your life with us and yor knowledge and experience. It feels like crafting with a friend. Thankful that it was just a scare. Loved the tutorial. Happy day,


  8. Hugs to you. I love everything Spectrum. What fun to have “more” markers in my midst. I can stir up more trouble.


  9. Beautiful. I have started watercoloring my stamps and love it. You inspired me to try. Not as easy as it looks but getting better. One of my cards won a challenge last week. I was inspired by your hibiscus and tried making my hibiscus stamp look like yours:-) It’s here if you’d like to see it
    So happy you are well!!


  10. Very pretty. Glad your biopsy came out good. Had a needle biopsy a few years ago, it is very scary waiting for the biopsy and the results. Not a very pleasant experience. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sounds like a good title to me. Have an very very good week. We love you . Patricia


  11. Glad you’re ok! Had the exact same scare last year. Thought just like you, that we take our health for granted! Now for the page, she has that youth/wise expression on her face… makes me think of: In youth we learn; in age we understand. Thanks for the video!


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