First I Liked it, then I LOVED it! {Qor Watercolors}

Hi friends! I was asked by a few people to check out the new Qor watercolors from Golden. Golden is known for superior acrylic paints and mediums and quite frankly I really didn’t think they had any business making watercolor paints, I mean, there are so many fabulous watercolor paint makers out there, do we really need to reinvent the wheel? Also I find often when a company is known for one stellar medium their other offerings are lackluster. I had to make a large order for class supplies at Jerry’s Artarama a couple of weeks ago so I decided to try a tin of 6 colors that were on sale for $24.50, not bad for artist quality paint, I chose the High Chroma set because I like bright colors. I shot this video as I opened the paint and experimented with them for the first time:

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the paints. They were vibrant and it only took a tiny amount for bright results. I have to admit I preferred working from them dry on the palette like I did in the Orchid Painting I posted on YouTube today and out of the drop I squeezed out for this video I still have tons of paint left. These paints use a new binder called Aquazol instead of traditional gum arabic and they dried quick and held fast to the lid of the palette so I did not waste a bit. I was worried that it would flake off and make a mess when I closed it but that was not the case. I really think I will order the other two sets of 6 colors (the 12 intro set has some colors from all of the sets of 6 so that is why I am not going for that one, but it might be a better value if you start with that.) I was mistaken in the video when I said that the tubes in the sets were the same size as open stock, if you but the colors individually they are 11ml tubes and the ones in the sets are only 5ml but seeing how far these paints go I think I will get the other intro sets and then invest of the larger tubes of the colors I use up. Please note that there are other colors available open stock than in the sets so you will not have ll the colors by buying the sets. I really do not think you need all the colors of any line of paint, try to get single pigment colors and mixing your own. Paints (unlike pencils) will mix completely for an infinite variety so a limited palette is just fine.

Oh, please note, the big stores are selling the sets of 6 for $24.50 but I found a small shop called MerriArtist that has them for $20.99 and when I mentioned them on a video I uploaded today they gave me a coupon code to share for $10 off on orders over $100: 10off and they give free shipping in the lower 48 on orders over $90. They have not sponsored this post, and I have never ordered from them before, I’m just sharing a deal. If you have ordered from them please let me know what you think (I currently have a shopping card going LOL!) Sorry this post is so long. I had been asked by several viewers if I would review these so I wanted to share all of my thoughts. I hope you found it helpful. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. How would you compare the Qor watercolors to the M Graham colors? Thanks for giving feedback on the new watercolors and thanks for the coupon!


    • I love my M Grahams, they are second to none in value. I have tried about 30 of M Graham color vs only 6 of the Qor so I don’t know how good of a comparison I can make. The Qor dry very hard on the palette but they don’t crack or flake off and they seem almost more “inky” and less minerally but then again I was not using earthy colors. You can’t go wrong with either. I think you get more for your money with M graham but then again I did a painting with the Qors today (orchid on youtube) and it used so little paint…I reckon that the binder is stronger but it uses less so there might actually be more pigment in the Qor but it is just speculation on my part.


      • Hello Lindsay,

        I Love your channel.

        Is a 25% discount hard to come by for m. Grahams? Right now Dick Blick is running a buy 3 tubes Get a Ultramarine tube free promo.

        I am a beginner and can’t decide if I want to start with single tubes or a big set of White Nights (smaller sets dont include the colors I want).


        • they are both good paints, I prefer M Grahams though. You might end up with colors you won’t use in the White Nights set so compare the colors you want and decide what is best. Also check prices at Jerrys Ararama, cheap joes, blick and amazon and find your best buy:)


          • Thank you, Lindsay! “Getting a lot of stuff you won’t need” is a drawback (cos that’ll just confuse me even more, LOL). After watching Themindofwatercolor’s “fav 8” videoclip I just had to get my hands on some Azo Green (he used it like a cool yellow). Because I have no self control, I got :

            4 M.Graham’s: Ultramarine, phthalo Blue, Azo Green, Indian Yellow
            6 Van Gogh’s: Quin Rose, Hooker’s Green Light, / planning on 4 more: Madder Lake Deep, Perm Red LIght, Payne’s Grey and an earth (B.Sienna or the Iron Oxide)

            I love-love-love Greens & blues & yellows but don’t favor reds. Hence the $3.3 Van Goghs.

            Am I being too ambitious? Can a beginner handle this combo? (I ask b/c I have not yet opened them, I still have an “out”!)

            I have come to love reading Jane Blundell’s color pages. It’s how I bumbled into this combination on my own. Please please please do Comment! 🙂

            ps. Do you have any experience with phthalo Blue Vs phthalo Blue Red shade?


  2. After watching you yesterday, I went ahead and ordered the same set that you have. They seemed so vibrant and pigmented. Thanks for the information!


  3. Thanks for all the information. I’m definitely going to look for these paints.


  4. I am so happy they are giving you the discount. They were very generous with me today when placed my order and I mentioned you. Sounds like they decided to extend it – Yay! I was a positive catalyst for a good thing. Always my goal. I’ll let you know how much I love them, because I absolutely know I will.


  5. Hey Lindsay,
    I have an interesting idea. Could you email me? My address is
    I just don’t like to write on Facebook.


  6. Very nice paint. I love the stamped image.


  7. Wonderful video Lindsay! I just ordered a set of 36 Kurtake Gansai Tambi Watercolors (pans). Are you familiar with them???? They will be my maiden voyage into watercolor, so hoping I made a good choice!

    Re: the Merri Artist am soooo happy to say that I live only 45 minutes away from McMinnville, Oregon where the Merri Artist is located. It is an amazing Art supply store. They carry a full supply of Copic markers, Copic refills, Tombow, all kinds of pencils, and the list goes on. Funny story….I mentioned the Merri Artist to a friend in North Carolina, Holly Craft, and she said she always orders from the Merri Artist!!! Definitely the best prices and super service!!!!
    Paper Hugs,
    Jan Casrle in Salem, Oregon

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  8. I have placed several orders from them and they are SUPERB! Best prices around, excellent service, I cannot say enough. I found them when I was looking to buy two large sets of the Copic markers. Not a purchase to take lightly so had been looking for the best deal I could get. I found them and never looked back. I have only read your post; have not had a chance to view the video and take it all in. Love your site, I found you last year just before my travels to Maine. We spend a lot of time near the mountains in Eustis area. Beautiful country. Hope one day to see your crafts and paintings in person. Keep up the good work.


  9. I have not worked with water colors before, but you’ve made it look interesting. I especially like the way these colors blend and “bleed” into one another. Thanks for an interesting tutorial.


  10. Orchid Painting = Awesome Sauce!

    I wanted to give it two thumbs up, but YouTube only allows one. (Also: Now craving the High Chroma set from Qor. Love the colors, how yum!)


  11. Cannot say enough about MerriArtist. They are superb in every way. I have placed several orders from them and always receive excellent service and super fast shipping. I discovered them late last year when looking for Copic markers. Since this was going to be an investment I certainly wanted to be frugal. They had the best prices going. I enjoy your blog. I discovered it last summer and love all your videos and reviews. Keep it up.


  12. Sorry for double post. I was having trouble last night getting the post to work.


  13. I love it when you take your time and show details and speak slowly and share your wonderful ideas with us!! Thank you!!!! Susan


  14. I will have to look into these paints. You did a great job.


  15. Hi Lindsay!! I just ordered the watercolors from MrriArtist and will let you know what I think later!


  16. Its so cool when im older i want to be a tech teacher and your idears are grate thankyou (im 13)😊


  17. Thanks for the info I always learn alot from you:)


  18. Also a QoR addict


  19. I have purchased from Merriartist a few times.. On larger orders they have sent me hand written thank you cards… There service has always been fast and excellent.


  20. I kust brought my first set of artist water colors,brushes and gouche thanks to lots or research and your reviews!!! Thank you. I’m so excited to try these now!!!


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