The 75th Episode of Ask a Crafter!

Well, that sneaked up on us huh? I can’t believe that we have filmed that many! So many questions answered (and the jar is still pretty full!) Let’s see what we have in store this week as Lorraine, Kathy and I dig into the jar to answer your burning crafty questions!

You know the drill, leave a question and it may show up on a future episode! For those wondering about the weather in Maine it is 19 and windy with a fresh coating of slush from last night. Spring is right around the corner…right? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

17 Responses

  1. Love your videos and learn so much from them. Can you please tell me the best source for hot press watercolor paper? recommendations for dye based inkpads?


  2. Love all of your videos! They are so informative and Always make me smile! Would you ever consider doing a simple/beginners video on polymer clay? I have some, but am terrified of it…can you believe it?!


    • Have you soon the Blue Bottle Brush blog? It is extraordinarily good! Recommended by Craft Test Dummies recently. I got on it and now I want to learn to use it, too! So you have company.


  3. Another great show! Congrats on the 75th episode! You ladies are the best!


  4. Hi Lindsay, watched your Ask a Crafter that had responses to the printer/ink and I had something to share about the Costco ink refills done in the photo lab. I refilled an HP large capacity black ink cartridge and it worked fine in my printer. When I refilled an HP reg capacity black ink in my newer $30 printer, it rejected the cartridge and said it was not the real thing. So I took it back to the photo lab & they had to write a slip to get my money back.
    I watch your youtube videos on the ‘big screen’ tv with my grandchildren who I am trying to expose to many different crafts and techniques. It’s better than video games.
    Grateful Grammy in Hawaii


  5. My question to all three of you is…What is your biggest Craft Fail and were you able to turn it around into a Craft Yay?
    Another question is how do I find out if my printer is inkjet or laser? I have read and reread the booklet and all the info on it and for the life of me I can’t find out what type it is!
    Love watching your videos and I have learned so much!


  6. You rock. Thanks to all three of you!! I’m a Maine refugee living in Cincinnati… It takes more fortitude than I have to live with snow taller than I am. And I have grandkids here. No contest, except for Chez Rene’ (Reny’s), Run of the Mill, and great people in Maine.


  7. I get a link to watch your emails, but don’t know it that means I am subscribed. I would like to give you THUMBS UP, but I don’t know where they are. Could someone please tell me? Thanks, Maggie


  8. Another great AAC, Lindsay! I have been thinking about the soda ash. My old HP can handle thinner water color paper. If I can even find some washing soda, I think I will mix a solution and lightly mist a piece of paper, let it mostly dry and then print a design. I often get designs to color from an antique iron-on transfer pattern book I found online. It was actually a catalog for merchants to purchase iron-on transfers around 1900 by the Briggs Transfer Company. Someone published it as a PDF in the Antique Patterns Library. It’s a great resource for some beautiful florals, but also has hundreds of wildlife, insects, and braiding patterns. I’ve never had success trying to color these images except with regular colored pencils. Just thought you’d like to know about this wonderful resource that is copyright free because it is so very old.

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  9. Lindsay, I was so surprised to see a question about quilling today. I have been quilling for seven or eight years now and just love it. Please see my Facebook page – Paper Filigree Art. It’s not an easy craft, but very fulfilling.


  10. Hello, can I first say just how much I enjoy your programnmes and am currently catching up on all your ask a crafter videos which is a marathon task in itself but really enjoyable as you seem to be having a really great time as well as passing on your knowledge about so many different crafts. I am in the U.K and sometimes use rub-ons as an embellishment in my card making, well I have a load of them that will not rub on (or off never quite sure) no matter how hard I rub. Can you advise me in any way as it seems such a shame as I have some really pretty images that are just taking up space at the moment. Thank you in advance and keep up the good work. Andie Day.


  11. I wanted to comment about Glossy Accents. I use it ALL the time. A little goes a long way! It costs $7.99 at Michaels, $5.99 at JoAnns, and $4.99 at AC Moore for the exact same item. It is a terrific glue, connecting plastic/and or aluminum tubes to fused glass to make the bails for my pendants. I colorize the bails with Vintaj Patinas. Glossy Accents also has a dome effect. I’ll be glad to send photos if you want examples of how I’ve used it.


  12. Dear Lindsay, iLove your videos,you are so gifted! I would like to ask if you could demo how to do a ruffly pansy that has dimension. It is my fave flower but the come out flat in watercolor. Could you maybe do a quick Pansy w watercolor pencils?also
    How to Paint a cat with a ball of yarn? I spin fiber into yarn, but i wanted to try painting with watercolor pencils, but i get mud.
    Thanks so much! Btw i loved your watercolor hummingbird! I heard you mention taking your kids to Santas village in NH. I am just next door! Thank you so very much for all your work for us, i am very ill and watching you uplifts my soul and helps manage the severe pain. HUGS, Shalom, Grace in Jericho, Vt
    See my dh art at


  13. Hi Lindsay, Question for Ask a crafter: I bought a large red rubber stamp that was on clearance b/c it was off the block. They attached it to block w. clear packing tape. How can i get the tape remnants off the stamp w/o damaging it. How do I put it on the woodblock. I bought contact cement? Thanks, Maureen


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