Make this palette for free!

Hi friends! I had an idea the other day for a DIY watercolor paper made with stuff from around the house. Best of all I can change colors as easy as can be:

This Marie’s set is just about the cheapest good watercolor paint I have ever found! It was $5 a set of 18 tubes at Ocean State Job Lot but most big art suppliers have it for about the same price.

Supplies for this DIY:

  • a magnet sheet
  • metal soda or beer bottle caps
  • adhesive if your container is not metal.

Directions: Cut a piece of magnet sheet (I get scraps for free at a sign/banner shop-they are leftovers from the car magnets they make) to fit your container and adhere it inside magnet side up. Arrange bottle caps on the magnet. Fill bottle caps with paint. You can an add or remove caps easily because they are just held in by magnets. You might need to replace them occasionally if they rust. (I only mention this because I’ve seen old rusty metal bottle caps outside in the dirt before.)

Not bad for a cheap palette, eh?

The brushes are the Real Value line from Princeton Art & Brush Company and they are excellent for the price, the set I demonstrated cost $6 at Ocean State Job Lot but, again, you can probably find them online.

I hope this us useful to someone! Happy crafting!



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  2. I’m new at this. Is this to use while you paint a project for the moment only or do you store it someway?


  3. Fantastic! Now I’m going to be collecting bottle caps πŸ˜€


  4. Hi Lindsay, Do you have any idea if glycerin will work with gouache paints as it does with watercolors? I just got a set and I dont know anything about them and have not really found too much information. Anything thing you could share would be really helpful. Maybe a tutorial? Thanks!


  5. Funny, I have been saving up bottle caps to do the same thing or at least a place to mix some special colors and have them again. Got to thinking I have more plastic prescription bottle tops that I may just save and gluegun on a surface instead….no rust worries! As always, use what you have!


  6. Thanks, make a good cheap paint to take outside to paint


  7. Love this idea for a paint set for kids. I do art projects in an elementary school and these would be less expensive than buying paint sets. Thanks for a great suggestion.

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  8. That’s brilliant! I was thinking of buying dollar store kids watercolour pallette and popping them out so that I could use the palette for my own watercolours but this is even better! Thanks for posting this idea.


  9. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea!


  10. Cool idea.


  11. What a great idea!! So clever!


  12. I don’t even paint, other than minor water coloring on my rubber stamped images and adding messy water color backgrounds, but I had to run out to OSJ and get a pack! LOL! Now I just have to find a case… we have a bunch of bottle caps.


    • What is OSJ, please? I take it they sell bottle caps? Do you know the appro,image price? I can’tell find anywhere locally here in Central Florida besides a Big Box store…50 cents each! I can’t do it! I need to find 100 or so! Thank you for replying Monika/buzsy!


  13. Love the idea! Thanks to my dad I have lots of beer bottle caps:)


  14. ha great idea! i now i know where i went wrong with trying to use some cheap, old tube paint! lol πŸ˜€ i will use bottle (plastic) caps as i dont get the metal ones…they wont rust either! too bad you didnt make this vid back in nov/dec, lol πŸ˜‰


  15. I don’t drink pop so I never have bottle caps, but I remembered buying a container of small plastic jars to keep my Stickles in. I hated to throw away the caps & put them in a drawer somewhere. Now I’m going to go find them. Thank you so much for your suggestions. And by the way, I don’t use stamp cleaner. I just use a clean rag (I have bunches of them that I cut up from old t-shirts), keep it wet & next to my work place. When I’m done stamping, I just let it dry out & throw it in the wash with the towels. I’ve done this for about 14 years with no ill effects.


  16. Loved this video! Love all I’ve seen actually! I have a comment and a question. My comment is this magnet idea is great for all kinds of storage. I took cookie sheets hung them on a wall near my desk. I then took glitter jars, EP jars and other doodads and put a tiny piece of magnetic tape on the lid. I could see all of the colors at a glance. I made a small chart listing the brand and color name. I hope that comes in handy for you!

    My question is that I have asked so many friends and businesses for the soda or beer bottle caps. No luck! (Like in your video!) Anyway a store in my area sells them for 50 cents each! Highway robbery, right? Any suggestions where I could find some at a VERY frugal price, my Frugal Crating Friend?

    Thank you for all of the great ideas of your great videos! Please send me an email if you can think of an answer! Thank you!

    Traci Starkweather


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