Breaking News! Prima & Spectrum Noir Pencil Expose!

Hi friends! Let me tell you about my nerdy afternoon! It all started with me indexing my new Prima watercolor pencils with washi tape depending on what set they were from then cross indexing them with thinner strip of washi tape to indicate what other sets they could be found in. then I started coloring some stamped images. I was coloring one of my favorite PSX pansy images but it just did not have the depth I wanted with the watercolor pencils alone so I grabbed my Spectrum Noir colored pencils to punch up the color….wait a minute, hold the phone, the color numbers on both lines of pencils matched! They looked identical as far as I could tell so then I swatched out the Spectrum Noir pencils next to the Primas on the chart I made yesterday and low and behold the colors matched from number to number. don’t believe me? Have a look:

I wonder if these pencils were made in the same factory, both of the tins said they were made in China. How do you feel about this? I like having lines that match even if they are not from the same company. I hope that one of these companies release the whole line of colors in watercolor pencils because I like the Primas and the Spectrum Noirs both very much. I have to say I prefer the way Spectrum Noir releases products so that you do not have duplicates between sets and you can collect as your budget allows. I’m sure there is a reason for Prima releasing the watercolor pencils with the same color in more than one set (they probably think that a crafter will buy the one set they like most and do not realize that we want them all LOL!) Nobody asked my opinion.Hey, if there are any companies out their looking for a  product development specialist I’m available.  Well, the phone isn’t ringing yet LOL! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Edit: I realized when reading the comments that some readers did not realize that the Prima pencils are Watersoluble (aka watercolor pencils) and the Spectrum Noir pencils are traditional wax/oil based colored pencils and are not watersoluble. So if you have them both you did not just buy the same thing twice, they are different mediums with very similar colors, in facet as near as I can tell the colors are the same (in my opinion.)