Let’s Paint a Flower with New Prima Watercolor Pencils!

Hi Friends! I just got 4 of the new Prima watercolor pencil sets this week as well as water brushes from Hallmark Scrapbook. This is what I made:


I thought it would be fun to turn on the camera as I used them for the first time so you could learn along with me. I will show you how to draw and paint this flower. Here is that video!

As I mentioned there is some overlap in the colors. I have four sets and I asked viewers what color numbers were in the other sets so I could make this a handy color chart for you. Here is a list of the colors in each set:

Earth Tones: 03, 88, 86, 89, 94, 107, 109, 111, 114, 117, 119, 120
Soft Neutrals: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 87, 88, 113
Spring and Fall: 01, 03, 08, 21, 26, 30, 34, 52, 58, 90, 97, 119
The Basics: 01, 16, 22, 25, 32, 44, 47, 64, 71, 80, 91, 120

The following sets I do not have.
Scenic Route: 05, 07, 09, 113, 88, 84, 61, 50, 54, 62, 58, 120
Julie Nutting Skin Tones: 101 102 90 89 86 09 05 16 08 91 95 120



I think it might help you to decide what sets you want to get. I was planning on buying the skin tone set when it came out to use with my other colored pencils I already had (most colored pencil sets are lacking in complex light skin tones) but Hallmark Scrapbook offered to send me these to try before I got the chance and the skin tones were out of stock! I really think I could come up with about any skin color with the soft neutrals and Earth tone sets though. I also do not have the scenic route set which contains more blues and greens for landscape art. Here are the colors swatched out and blended for the sets I have:)

swatchesI hope you find this helpful. The pencils retail for $12.99 and Hallmark Scrapbook has them for $10.99 and if you don’t see all the sets on the website it means they sold out but they get stuff back in pretty quickly (case in point, the Spectrum Aqua markers.) I really liked the quality of the pencils. I have tried almost all of the watercolor pencils out there and these are really comparable to a Derwent watercolor pencil in my opinion at half the price retail. I put the color chart together so you can spend your money on sets with colors you like and avoid too many duplicates. I’m going to put mine together in a jar so I can see them together and so they will take up less space on my desk. Maybe I will put a piece of washi tape on the pencil to indicate what set they are from so I can tell at a glance. I’ll let you know in a future tutorial:) Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!




21 Responses

  1. This is very helpful thanks for showing all of us all the different colors from the different sets


  2. Thanks Lyndsay I love that you seem to review new products as they come out…as in the Spectrum Aqua the other day….I have the Letraset Aqua and I’m not keen on them …do you have them I would love to know what you think…re the Prima waterbrushes I saw them the other day and now I want them lol thing is being in Australia will have to wait a while for them lol thanks again and I loved that you were mellow in the video ….


    • I have a few Letraset Aquamarkers, I have not used them much because the tips seem to pill on me, esp the large bullet end. Maybe they have improved them because I think I tried them when they first came out. I think I brush tip would have been better for those.


  3. I love your posts, Lindsay. You mentioned that you’d like to see what others had to say about the colors etc. Check out Kristina Werner’s blog, http://www.kwernerdesign.blog on February 25th. She had some of the same comments you did about duplicates. Thought you might find it informative.


  4. Lindsay I don’t think you were mumbling. I was talking to myself at Hobby Lobby yesterday and a lady came by and I told her I was talking to myself and she said that I wanted to have a conversation with an intelligent person. So when you think you are mumbling you are like me kind of discussing what you are doing with an intelligent person, yourself. I like every thing you do on your tutorials. Have a good weekend.


  5. I watch for all of your watercolor techniques. I’m just learning and you make it feel OK to make mistakes and still have fun and not get upset that its not perfect. I’ve also been learning that its OK to take liberties and let my own artistic eye see things my own way. I love the long videos since I seem to learn the most from the more detailed ones. I also just splurged on my birthday and got the 72 Derwent Watercolors set. Dick Blick had them on sale, but they are still a Lot of money. I wouldn’t mind watching you use those in a video sometime. 😁


  6. You are the best. Love that you give such a detailed review. I have a set from Pentalic and I’m not pleased with them at all. I find you very relaxing and good for my blood pressure. I would like to buy some of your cards. Please let me know how to go about that. I am not on Facebook. Many Thanks for all your hard work.


  7. Hi Lindsay,
    I especially enjoy watching your watercolor videos, tutorials using oil or chalk pastels (I have them both) and any kind of drawing. I am going to keep some watercolor pencils and my tiny Cotman watercolor box in my bag to be able to do quick sketches on walks this year (if it ever gets warm enough!). I really like the background of this painting, I hope it will help me with backgrounds when I get the chance to paint quick sketches of statues in a rhododendron park. Usually my backgrounds are too vivid, maybe now I might get them to look like more the way I intended them to be! Thanks!


  8. are you sure you had two 09? could one had been 90? you had the pencils facing each other, so wouldn’t that make them mirror image? it doesn’t make a difference, but weird things like that get stuck in my head……….


  9. I have a set of these pencils from ages ago, and love them to pieces. Didn’t know about all these new colors in sets, mine was just “12” Love how you made the charts so we could see them – thanks!


  10. Lindsey, I just love your longer videos, and I like it best when you just babble along. I always have to prepare myself for your fun hyperness, but today you where warm and cozy and mellow which I like too. I feel like you are that way when you are in your kitchen (upstairs) area and more excited when you are down in the basement! Maybe because you are freezing! I look forward to ALL your videos. It’s fun to see what you are up to. I only do cards, but I do add watercolor pieces to the front of my cards. I have Derwent, Crayola, Reeves and Inktense pencils! And I use a waterbrush, as I don’t have too many good brushes for watercolor. Your talent makes me want to try out your ideas. *Can you suggest a material to use to make your board that you paint on? A clipboard seems obvious, but I want to avoid the giant clip. Is it a recycled clipboard? THANKS, Joan

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  11. Love the video. One pencil #6 and the other was upside down. It was a #9. Thanks


  12. I started watching your videos to learn how to make my own craft supplies. I love the way you encourage us to be frugal and inform us when not to be. It is good to learn where to invest your money and when to use cheaper alternatives. I now watch all of your videos. If I was asked to pay to watch your videos it would be your painting tutorials that I would see as a good investment. Just don’t stop. Where else would I get honest information about the new products out there.


  13. Beautiful. Thanks so much for doing and showing the swatches too. I subscribe mainly for the painting tutorials, though I do watch many of your other tuts as well.
    I would love to see you do a white daisy. Painting something that is white is quite challenging for me and many of the things I want to paint are white.
    Thanks for all of your wonderful tutorials and videos. I always feel like I have had a nice visit with a friend.
    Hugs from snowy Atlantic Canada,


  14. Looks like you love all the colors from the color wheel!. So awesome. Never heard of Hallmark Scrapbook before.


  15. Morning, Ms. Maine, thank you for taking the time to do a video on these pencils. You asked why I watch your videos. I usually am curious about what you have posted. I also just like listening to you talk while working, for you are either cheerful or calming, both which are qualities I thoroughly enjoy, while watching you perform your magic on paper. I also love, as you know, listening to your wonderful Maine accent, now that my daughter has married into a wonderful Maine family, that has also become our entire family’s new clan. Thanks for all your wonderful tutorials!!!


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