DIY Invitations for Weddings or Spring Parties!

Hi Friends! Today I will show you how to make an elegant shabby chic invitation for a wedding or spring party using supplies from our sponsor Papermart:


This is a single panel card wrapped in a doily. It is very affordable to make these cards because they use few supplies and it is frugal to mail because they are light and will not require extra postage. Perfect for a bride on a budget! They are quick to make too! Watch the video to see how:

8″x11″ Cardstock cut in quarters
6″ paper doilies
Vellum (and a computer and printer OR you can hand write on it)
Paper ribbon
“Silk” rose petals: (bag of 144)  (bag of 400)
Baker’s Twine
Washi Tape
Brads (if desired)
Straight and decorative scissors and a paper trimmer
A4 envelopes
10″ square doilies for lining envelopes


You will get 4 invitations from every sheet of vellum and cardstock. I recommend you work assembly line style when making these in a large batch (cut all your cardstock at once, attach vellum at once etc.) you can even enlist a friend to help! For this demonstration I am using a generic invitation wording but if you are making these for a specific event print all of those details on the vellum to save time and it will look really professional! I hope this project will make your next party a snap! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



7 Responses

  1. Very pretty !!!


  2. these are very nice. i like them a lot. also, do you have any ideas for baby shower invitations. thanks much, shirley


  3. Beautiful! Great idea


  4. Lindsey- your videos do not come up on my Kindle. It always says the webpage is not available so l must go look you up on YouTube. All of my others like Jennifer McGuire & Kristina Werner show their videos just fine. I don’t understand why your webpage won’t come up. Any ideas? I don’t want to miss any of your posts as l enjoy your sense of humor & all the info you tell us about. I hope you see this post as l know of no other way to contact you. HELP !!


    • huh, I have no idea, did you recently do an update? I was a;ways able to see my blog on my kindle but sometimes youtube would not work when updates ran. When you get the email notification of a new post click “full html version” and that might work.


  5. By the way , l love the wedding invitations!


  6. They are so beautiful!! I love the idea with the flower petals!!


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