Ask a Crafter!!! (Did you miss us?)

Hi friends! We are back with a brand new AAC today after taking last week off! Lorraine came back because she could not stand missing the rest of winter. I think Kathy and I should go stay at her place in Florida for a while LOL! Oh well, it did get to nearly 50 degrees today! Let’s melt some snow! OK, enough weather rambling, here is the latest Ask a Crafter!

Here is the link to my friend Renae’s free handmade training course.The deadline for registering is today. I saw the first video in the class yesterday and it was amazing! If you happen to click over and the site is down just keep trying, the site crashed a couple of times last night because so many people went over to sign up. If you have a question for an upcoming show you can leave it in the comments! Thanks so much and til next week happy crafting!