Do you need this thing? {Sizzix Magnetic Platform}

Hi Friends. As I mentioned recently I bought some new thin dies. I never had very many but the sets I had were getting quite a workout so I bought some when Consumer Crafts had the Darice nesting dies on sale for $6. I was really happy with them and I did a review of the product and as a thank you Consumer Crafts sent me the Sizzix Magnetic Platform. The Sizzix magnetic platform has been around for a year or two but it never caught my interest before for 2 reasons: 1. I did not have many dies and 2. It was expensive retailing at $39. Also I am not a fussy precise person so slapping down the dies and cranking them through was just fine for me ALTHOUGH I had a few frustrating episodes where I spent time coloring an image only to have the die slip when I went to cut it so I would tape the die to the paper and get on with life. The way you use the platform (which has many strong magnets embedded in it in a grid) is to place a flat cutting plate on top, then paper to cut, then the die cutter side down which holds the paper down because of the magnets and then the top plate and you crank it through. I will demonstrate this process in this video:

I think that if you only have a few thin dies then you probably do not need this. You can use tape to keep your dies in place if you need to. If you have a lot of thin dies and use your die cutter a lot I would recommend it especially if you like the stamp-and-die sets. Also if you are a teacher who needs to die cut a lot of things for students it will save time and waste of materials because you can fit dies on the paper close together and crank them through all at once. I have to die cut loads of stuff for my craft classes so this will be a time saver. Also be aware that you need to have a completely flat plate on the bottom for this to work so it might mean you have to replace the bottom pad more often or be sure to flip the plates frequently to avoid warping. Please be aware that the strong magnets MAY interfere with pacemakers, memory cards, computers and other data storage devices so don’t lay this on your computer. Consumer Crafts sells the magnetic platform for $29.97. What do you think? Do you have one? Is it useful or not? Let me know in the comments and til next time happy crafting!