It’s Ask a Crafter Time!

Hi Friends! We have another extended Ask a Crafter show for you tonight. We decided that before Lorraine left for Florida we would empty the question jar and we did! However, that was 5 weeks ago and the questions that have been left over the last 5 weeks have not been answered yet. So if you submitted a question and did not hear it answered that’s why:)  The good news is that Lorraine is on her way back to Maine as we speak (I hope she misses the storm we are supposed to get tomorrow! Lorraine, be careful out there!) Some assortment of the 3 craft-a-teers will be back to fill the question jar again next week so don’t fret if we have not got to your question yet, til then here is Kathy, Lorraine and myself for ask a crafter:

By now you know the drill, leave a question and it will go in the jar! Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


14 Responses

  1. So excited its AAC night!!!!
    Hope Lorraine gets home safe I feel bad for all you northwestners you’ve had two rough winters in a row

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  2. 🙂


  3. Question: you mention that you print your pictures in a collage format…can you show us what program you use and how you do that. YFS a Lindsay!
    Paper Hugs,


  4. Love the super douper long AAC ‘s
    Thanks for your wealth of info and always enjoy the trio of craftateers


  5. Hi Girls: As always, thanks so much! A very good drawing channel and blog is John Muir Laws. He is very generous with his talent also.


  6. thanks for another good show. What can one use to refill the archival ink pads…so the pad is still permanent??
    thanks, Ruth

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  7. Good show. I am looking for info on making necklaces or pieces made from a piece of glass or plastic and thermo embossing powder and stamped to make a design and overlay of iridescent wrap then put into melting pot. I saw this at a make and take at the Las Vegas Stamp Show in 2008. Any one know the vendor and how to get in touch with them?

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  8. Hi Lindsay! I wait for “ask a crafter” every week as well as anything else you post. I have been in Bridgton, Me, since Dec. 26th and as you know, us heeyaa in Maine have had a heck of a winta! So, you make it fun! (as the snow is flying right this minute (3:03 pm 2/19) Anyway, could you please tell us something about the painting behind you in this episode of aac? I love it! Also, do you know anything about the Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground? It is something you prime (like gesso) almost anything with that allows you to use watercolors on. I was thinking about using it on a bezel charm for a pendant. Any thoughts before I order it?


    • I have not used the ground but it is like a gesso for watercolors. The painting I made from a live model years ago:)


  9. Quick question: You have inspired me to try colored pencil….but I am having trouble find the right surface to work on. Hot pressed wc paper is hard to find here, and vey expensive…and I am not having much success working on cold pressed paper…is there any other surface you can recommend? I am reluctant to spend a lot of money until I feel I have half way mastered the technique. Are there any fairly inexpensive surfaces to work on to begin with?


    • I’d save the watercolor paper unless you are doing a watercolor wash under it. Try Canson MiTintes paper, it is smoother on one side, rougher on the other so you get both surfaces and it not very expensive (about 1/4 the cost of watercolor paper) and comes in lots of lovely colors. Blick usually has the best price but check around. They might have assortment pads too which would be more useful for colored pencil work vs the large sheets.


  10. Hi Lindsay, I have been watching your videos for over a year now. I just love your frugal tips and recipes especially the Gelli plate. I tried it and it turned out great! Thanks a ton!!!
    I wanted to add something regarding the moulding on liquid colours…I have experienced that…it happened with my watercolours…It happened because I closed the lid when the colours were still wet ( plus the cilmate was humid).I hope this helps. 😀


  11. Thanks for the post. I never miss them and look forward to them also. I’ve been thinking about alcohol markers and looking at prices for sets. They are expensive (copics). Can you make some suggestions? Some art classes I’m taking seem to use more than one brand. Is that because of colors available or other factors? Those that are refillable, where do you get the ink? Thanks so much. Cindy Bliss


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