It’s Ask a Crafter Time!

Hi Friends! We have another extended Ask a Crafter show for you tonight. We decided that before Lorraine left for Florida we would empty the question jar and we did! However, that was 5 weeks ago and the questions that have been left over the last 5 weeks have not been answered yet. So if you submitted a question and did not hear it answered that’s why:) ┬áThe good news is that Lorraine is on her way back to Maine as we speak (I hope she misses the storm we are supposed to get tomorrow! Lorraine, be careful out there!) Some assortment of the 3 craft-a-teers will be back to fill the question jar again next week so don’t fret if we have not got to your question yet, til then here is Kathy, Lorraine and myself for ask a crafter:

By now you know the drill, leave a question and it will go in the jar! Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!