A Limited Supply {artsy} Scrapbook Page!

Hi Friends! Today we will make a scrapbook page! You only need watercolor crayons, white cardstock or hot press watercolor paper, stamps (Bugz set and background) and a journal stencil. The stencil and stamps are from Lost Coast Designs. You will also want a black pen and colored pencils if desired. You can make this an art journal page too if you like but if you are making a scrapbook page you will also need photos and adhesive!


Watch how easy it is to make this!

The video is a bit long, I almost feel compelled to apologize for it but I have had so many people tell me how much they enjoy the longer videos because it feels like they are crafting with a friend. Awww, thanks guys:) That makes me so happy! I guess it is nice to have a mix of both:) I hope you try some artsy limited supply scrapbook or journal pages. You will be surprised at what you can do with just a few things! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

12 thoughts on “A Limited Supply {artsy} Scrapbook Page!

  1. Very nice and pretty. And all I did today was make an owl out of yo yo’s. He turned out very cute. And I got the brushes after you showed them the other day. We have ice outside and I am terrified to walk on it, I just freeze and can’ t move. Have a good week Lindsay.


  2. Definitely something to try! And yes I do feel like I’m crafting with a friend. Your videos can’t be long enough IMHO lol.


  3. I really like this video! I enjoy watching you while you are working and chatting instead of the kind of videos that rush through the process. I also like the idea of using watersoluble pencils and crayons instead of a stack of ink pads. Especially if you already have the pencils and crayons and not so many different ink pads!

    Writing on the colored wavy lines is pretty too, the whole page is really nice, I like the colors. It’s so gray outdoors here (North Germany) bright and cheerful colors help me remember I am not color-blind!


  4. Love the colors and idea, now if I was just at home so I could do it.lol It’s nasty, snowy and icy outside and I am at work! Oh well, it’s gives me something to look forward to doing when I get home.lol Hugs


  5. Lindsay, Hi from Florida! You make me want to scrapbook again… and I think I could watch your videos in the dark if I had to…the lighting is fine from my view..your descriptions bring the light to each project. Don’t ever stop being you!


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