We are in rare form today, but first, an apology…

Hi friends. Do you ever have that feeling that you forgot something but can’t place it but then when you remember you are mortified? Well, that is me right now. I guess I was preoccupied this week being on jury duty that I completely forgot about my mom’s birthday! I know, I am a terrible human being! Mom, if you are reading this (I tried to call, no answer) Happy Birthday! And I am so sorry for forgetting, I am truly ashamed of myself 😦

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!

Please forgive me. I am feeling like the most ungrateful kid in the world tonight. I am so sorry:(  I hope my mom knows how much I love her and how truly sorry I feel.

Now back to our regular scheduled programming. It is Wednesday and time for Ask a Crafter. As I mentioned before we taped a few episode ahead of time to be sure to have new shows when I was in jury duty so you get Kathy, Lorraine and I in all of our silliness. And there is a lot of silliness this week:

If you have a question for an upcoming show leave them in to comments! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting…and happy birthday mom!