I love cheap dies that work!

Hi friends! I had a bit of a spree last month. On the first day I was called for jury selection I felt like I deserved a treat for doing my civic duty so I decided to fill a cart with some dies I saw on sale at Consumer Crafts. They were $6 a set and since I don’t have many nesting dies (and the Spellbinders I have I’ve used to death) I thought I’d grab a few sets…and since I hate to pay shipping I grabbed a few more to get me up to the free shipping amount. That’s how they get you LOL! But hey, I am an American doing my civic duty so I deserve it gosh darn it!  BTW the trial I was picked for wrapped up today, it was very interesting, the other jurors were very friendly and nice (we all decided to have a good time and make the most if it!) and we came up with a swift and unanimous verdict. It was a civil case thank goodness. It is amazing what people try to sue other people for, really. Anyway, back to the dies, I am so glad I bought so many because they are great! Have a look at the video:

I am not sponsored by or affiliated with Darice or Consumer Crafts but I do like to share a deal and I order from them several times a year. I like the Spellbinders sets but they are $25 at my local stores so the couple I have were bought with coupons. The regular price on the Darice dies are $15 and the price at Consumer Crafts is around $9 normally. Hopefully they get more in because several are sold out. Also, I made an error in the video, I stated that Spellbinders are made in the USA and that is no longer true (so why are they $25 a set?) I hope this review is helpful. If you were wondering about these new dies they are great, I am so glad I scored them for $6 a set! Sometimes that site has 20% off everything deals so that would bring the price down too. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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  1. Can’t wait to see what you make with the dies and how you use them.


  2. Thanks for sharing the dies you bought. I’d like to know how to use embossibles. They are tiny! Do you have any tips for using these for making cards? I purchased a set recently from JoAnn;s thinking they were dies! Guess you know now that I am new to paper crafting. 🙂


  3. Thanks you for sharing that!,


  4. You did get a good buy because they are selling for $9 now.


  5. We get Darice here in South Africa too and I have to say I love their products. They really are far more affordable than some of the others. Great haul!


  6. Will check them out, wondering if the 2nd set u show in the beginning could be used for an envelope liner? Thanks for all u do, watch u everyday!!!


  7. Great shopping Lindsay…really good deal!

    ONE CORRECTION…SPELLBINDERS dies are NOT made in the USA but are made in CHINA.

    Cherry Lynn Designs ARE made in the USA – Phoenix, AZ.

    Also, if a die says made in the USA, it is probably made by Dies Direct who makes all the Cheery Lynn Designs Dies – actually their company to showcase their own dies.
    Just a little clarification.

    Paper Hugs
    Jan Castle


  8. Congrats on over 100,000 subscribers !!!!


  9. Thank you for demoing those dies. It is good to know what works. If something is really inexpensive I tend to wonder what is wrong with it.

    Ida Mae


  10. I love a good bargain, but I didn’t order these. By the time I was able to shop on-line all of the ones I really wanted were out of stock. Poor Me! lol I think you got a wonderful deal. Hugs


  11. I saw this sale, too, but I didn’t order any at this point. I had seen these new Darice dies in other places before this sale and so far I just don’t like most of their designs as much as I like other die companies’ dies. But, thanks for letting us know that they do work well, so maybe in the future they will have some that I do like. (When it comes to label shapes I guess I’ve become a Spellbinders snob! But I only buy them at 40% or more preferably, 50% off! LOL! I don’t care for the Quickutz/Lifestyle Crafts/We R Memory Keepers label dies either! LOL!) I do love a lot of the Darice embossing folders so maybe their die designs will get better… or at least more appealing to my tastes. 🙂 They have a lot of die companies to compete with and I do really like their lower prices since I have become quite the die-a-holic over the past couple of years. I think I need a support group for dies even more than for paper! When I see Spellbinders, Memory Box, Impression Obsession and a few other die company products I always wish that I could afford more of them than I can.


  12. Good for you, I have some Darice dies, squares, circles and hearts, just the basicss but they cut well and are so useful, happy dieing LOL


  13. Thanks for sharing…I’ve seen the embossing folders locally but not the dies.I followed your link and shopped around. I’m waiting for a coupon or discount code. I love the wafer dies that come on a magnetic sheet.


  14. Thanks for the info, this is a great site. Although their prices have gone up a bit since you posted, I’m going to check out their site for that awesome sale! They have a really good selection.


  15. I missed that sale. I have a lot of Spellbinders, older ones that had more dies per package. Recently they have been very expensive and only three or so per package. I’ll have to check out the next Darice sale.


  16. Thants for sharing, I’ll check them out. I love dies that work, too. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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