I love cheap dies that work!

Hi friends! I had a bit of a spree last month. On the first day I was called for jury selection I felt like I deserved a treat for doing my civic duty so I decided to fill a cart with some dies I saw on sale at Consumer Crafts. They were $6 a set and since I don’t have many nesting dies (and the Spellbinders I have I’ve used to death) I thought I’d grab a few sets…and since I hate to pay shipping I grabbed a few more to get me up to the free shipping amount. That’s how they get you LOL! But hey, I am an American doing my civic duty so I deserve it gosh darn it!  BTW the trial I was picked for wrapped up today, it was very interesting, the other jurors were very friendly and nice (we all decided to have a good time and make the most if it!) and we came up with a swift and unanimous verdict. It was a civil case thank goodness. It is amazing what people try to sue other people for, really. Anyway, back to the dies, I am so glad I bought so many because they are great! Have a look at the video:

I am not sponsored by or affiliated with Darice or Consumer Crafts but I do like to share a deal and I order from them several times a year. I like the Spellbinders sets but they are $25 at my local stores so the couple I have were bought with coupons. The regular price on the Darice dies are $15 and the price at Consumer Crafts is around $9 normally. Hopefully they get more in because several are sold out. Also, I made an error in the video, I stated that Spellbinders are made in the USA and that is no longer true (so why are they $25 a set?) I hope this review is helpful. If you were wondering about these new dies they are great, I am so glad I scored them for $6 a set! Sometimes that site has 20% off everything deals so that would bring the price down too. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!