Cat Fight! Craft Fight? Online Selling vs. Craft Fairs

Hi Friends! Renae from Rich Mom Business and I had a fight the other day over what was a better way to sell handmade items. I think craft fairs and craft booths are better and she thinks selling online is a better plan…

…you can see the other half of our disagreement on her channel. All kidding aside Renae is a brilliant businesswoman and a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to start or improve their handmade business online. I still lean more toward the brick and mortar method for selling tangible goods. Actually, on that front I stopped by the Schoolhouse Antiques Mall to drop off some product and pay my rent for February thinking there is no way I could have sold anything let alone enough to make rent and the owner gave me money, I made a profit! Woohoo! And the funny thing was that is was all done with handmade greeting card sales. Every sale! That will motivate me to package all the┬ácards I have in my craft room! My plan is to sell my physical products in a shop or craft fair but my digital product online. What do you think? Craft fair or Online? Let me know in the comments! Happy crafting!

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