How to store pastels and blending tools!

Happy Saturday friends! I still have a couple requested storage videos to shoot for you guys, hopefully tomorrow, but tonight I will share how I store my pastels, gelatos and blending tools. This video feels really long to me. I filmed it last week on a snow-day (hence I am talking about the snow) but heck, it’s Maine so every day is a potential snow-day! There is a winter storm watch from 1pm tomorrow through 1pm Tuesday so I guess it is still a timely video.

I have mentioned it before, the cool thing about making this storage video series is that I have tweaked my storage a bit so it is better for my workflow. I worked downstairs for a bit this morning and it seemed more streamlined than it was before the storage tweaking. I have some critics that say “You’re a hoarder!” or “This is not organizing, you are just showing piles of stuff!” and I can’t say that I disagree with them but I use my stuff, I have a place for everything, I have duplicates because I teach and work for companies where I have to design with their products and I can afford the items I buy. No one has exactly the same stuff but I think that you can get ideas from seeing how others store their stash. i love seeing art rooms packed to the gills with creative goodies because I can imagine the potential of what those supplies will become in the artists capable hands. ┬áMy studio is not the prettiest but it is hard-working and I love it! I need to see my stuff to use it and I love to have many options. My sister is the opposite, everything is neat and tidy and she only keeps what she needs (it works out great because I gladly take her leftovers!) everyone is different. It’s OK to have less, it’s OK to have more as long as you bills are paid, you are not getting into debt, and nobody’s going hungry. Enjoy your supply stash no matter what size it is and as always happy crafting!