How to Paint a Rose for Valentines Day {and a Giveaway!}

Hi Friends! It’s Friday and I am looking forward to a calm weekend and ignoring all the posts on Facebook about the possible feet of snow that may roll in from Saturday night to Tuesday! Ah well, winter has got to end sometime right? One nice thing about winter is Valentines day! Today I will show you how to paint a pretty rose in watercolor for your sweetie! I also have a giveaway for you from the folks at Spoil! They have unique hand-picked surprise gift boxes to spoil the ones you love, you can even spoil someone for Valentines day, just be sure to order before February 10th to have it delivered on the 14th. Now, let’s paint a flower!

Giveaway Details!
1. You must share this video on your favorite social network or blog. (You can click the icon that looks like a sideways “v” at the top right hand side of the video to share it to your favorite social network.)
2. You must visit the Spoil website and tell me what kind of gift you would like to receive (artsy, tech, warm & cozy etc)
3. You must leave a comment here on this video with a link to where you shared the video and letting me know what kind of gift you would like.
4. I will pick a winner on February 10th 2015, please be sure to check your YouTube messages to see if you have won.
5. This giveaway is open to US residents only.


For today’s watercolor project you will need:

  • 140# watercolor paper (I used a 5″x7″ watercolor greeting card)
  • a #8 round brush or a waterbrush
  • watercolor paint in crimson, pink(opera), lemon yellow, sap green and ultramarine blue. *Feel free to substitute for the colors you have. You can see my homemade palette tutorial here.
  • Paper towel, water bucket, masking tape

You can find the reference photo by Debra Babcock here at Paint my Photo.

Start by taping your paper down to a board or your table. Follow along with the video to learn how to paint this!

Thanks to Spoil for sponsoring this video and giveaway. If you want to Spoil someone this Valentines day with an exquisite gift they will love based on their interests be sure to order by February 10th if you want it delivered on Valentines Day (2/14/15)

Thanks for watching and happy crafting!


13 Responses

  1. Beautiful picture. I was wondering if there should be a stem showing for the top bud?

    Ida Mae


  2. you make it seem so easy, lol 😀 …one of these days 🙂 i choose artsy!! 🙂


  3. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    What a gorgeous rose you have painted. You always make it look so easy and enjoyable. Thank you for sharing!
    Wishing you and your family a restful and great week-end.
    Take care.


  4. Lovely! You make it look so easy. Thank you for sharing your talent.


  5. Hi Lindsay,

    I am happy to see another watercolor video again as watercolor is my favorite medium. I love those buds, especially the way you darted back to them from time to time to add another color, making them look just PERFECT. It gives me the impression you don’t PLAN it to end up like that, it just sort of HAPPENS when you let yourself go!

    I also like the way it only needs a couple of colors. I know you seldom use more than that but it impresses me every time.

    I also wanted to thank you for introducing me to new products like the neocolors II and the Inktense pencils. I first bought the tiny tins to try them out but then put the huge tins on my birthday/ Christmas lists at ONCE because I fell in love with them! I already have so many other kinds of pastels and colored pencils etc. and didn’t really need MORE but I am so happy with them I never regretted wanting to have them. And after finding out my Caran d’Ache oil pastel tin costs THREE TIMES what they used to cost when I bought them years ago (can you BELIEVE that?!) I don’t see any sense in waiting to think it over longer if I really want to buy something new or not! It might mean ending up spending even more money!


  6. live Lindsey learn so much


  7. Artsy snd funky I feel lucky


  8. Very nice tutorial! I visited Spoil and shared on Pintrest here:

    Personally I would love an artsy and funky Spoil filled with Quirky Things. That really peaked my interest!


  9. I posted the video on my facebook page. I couldn’t copy/paste the link for my nook doesn’t do that sort of thing. Just check my facebook page. By the way, when I was in high school one of the assignments I had to do was choose something and paint one half black and white and the other half paint in color. I chose a rose, so one half was black and white with shades of gray while the other side was shades of pink. The medium I used was acrylic paints.


  10. I forgot to mention in the above post I’d love something artsy!


  11. Thank you for a great giveaway! Here’s my post: I love the artsty & funky-craft/DIY. What a cool website!


  12. This is another seemingly do-able watercolor painting! I tried it. If I can figure how to add it to this comment I will do so. You will laugh yourself sick, but I am happy with some elements of the painting. This is just the first iteration. I hope to do more. I will make it into a greeting card for a sick family member.

    Thanks for the Spoil heads-up. Also, I did post to google+, though I did not really know what I was doing. I may have shared it more than once… If I were to win the contest I would love anything to do with paper crafting in the Artsy and Funky category. Thanks for the contest.


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