Ask a Crafter S3:E20

Hi friends! I hope you are having a good week so far and if you are in my neck of the woods I hope you are coping well with the snow. Many of my neighbors have snowbanks nearly up to their roofs and when Monday’s snow finally lets loose off my metal roof my house is going to look like an igloo. I hear that igloos are really well insulated so maybe it will be a good thing, and extra layer of R-value to my home during this very cold winter would be nice! We are supposed to get another 6″-8″ of snow tonight which sounds like a “dusting” compared to the storms of the last week and a half. Luckily hubby fixed the snow blower today so we should be all set. I’m not sure how I will cope with another snow-day if school is cancelled tomorrow, we are all feeling the cabin fever around here! If you are snowed in why not grab a hot cuppa and hang out with crafty friends? Here is this weeks ask a crafter!

Thanks for stopping by today! If you have a question for an upcoming episode please leave it in the comments. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

9 thoughts on “Ask a Crafter S3:E20

  1. Another Tip when choosing patterns to work together: give your eyes a place to rest with a solid layer. The solid layer only has to show a small area to separate the wild patterns, but does give your eyes a place to rest (like a quilt). I did a demo on this and showed cards with – and without the layer for your eyes to rest…people were amazed at the difference and what patterns I was mixing on the cards.
    Paper Hugs,
    Jan Castle


    1. Thanks Jan – that’s a great tip! I remember it now from my years ago quilting!– trying to slowly get back to quilting! Only have 5 wks to start/finish my new grands quilt!! Hope you’ve completely recovered from knee replacement wasn’t it! Happy crafting-Lorraine 🌴


  2. I have a question for you, Lindsey. I have tried to refill a Zig Memory System pen. I know it wasn’t on the video where you refilled a couple other types. Wondered if you had tried this kind of pen. I have tried adding ink from the bottom of the pen (and boy, it was hard to get off) and from the top. It doesn’t seem to have helped. Any ideas? Thanks!


  3. Hi Lindsey and gals! I love your show! In reference to the question about the Silhouette machine–I adore mine–it’s so easy to use, very lightweight. I have thousands of cuts and keep them all organized in my library with subtitles below–examples–flowers (roses, spring flowers, 3d flowers, etc), animals, designs (background, arrows, borders) Holidays, kids, food, travel, etc, etc, Try the sketch pens & fonts. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I find that the cuts that the Silhouette can do are so much more intricate than my Cricut can do–and you can import files from other websites. Enjoy!


  4. If its not a silly question – I had no idea you have a lot on snow and can’t imagine the snow banks!! But where does it all go to does it all melt at once and give you floods or over the weeks just start to melt gradually until spring? Please take a picture of it – please…


    1. there can be flooding, esp if it gets warm and we get rain while there is still show. Usually it melts slowly. We have a pretty significant “mud season” in maine due to melting snow but the springtime foliage usually sucks a lot of the water up.


  5. I will admit I haven’t had time to watch all the Ask a Crafter segments so excuse me if this question has already been answered. I followed your recipe for the homemade Gelli Plate a long time ago. When I moved it to my new home this past summer it was over 100 degrees and something was set upon it and it had uneven spots so when I got it out to use it the other day I decided to remelt it. Now that sucker is extremely sticky. Has that happened to you? I hope that water solves the problem when I try to use it, but I was just wondering if the stickiness is normal, based on your past experiences.


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