DIY Travel Watercolor Palette! {cheap up-cycle!}

Hi friends! Don’t toss empty eye shadow containers! You can use those tiny compacts to make wonderful travel watercolor kits! Watch the video to see how:

You don’t have to use these for just travel. They are a great way to store extra colors too. The small size of the wells makes the paint dry quickly too, I made my palette last night and used it today! It worked great. If you don’t have access to old eyeshadow palettes (or a friend who can save them for you) you can use pill boxes, fish and tackle boxes, ice-cube trays or blister packages that things you buy come in. If it has little wells in it you can use it! Yay! This tiny palette is perfect for my small heated upstairs workspace too! I hope this little tip helped you. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

18 thoughts on “DIY Travel Watercolor Palette! {cheap up-cycle!}

  1. You are so clever about using other things to save money. My kind of gal.
    Question? Do you have trouble with glossy accents? It seems like I use mine a few times, then it hardly comes out of the tube or stops working altogether. Help. Edna burgess

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    1. I saw a post on you tube that recommended using foam tape and a 0-3 month baby bottle nipple, silicone. Works great. I’ve not had any trouble with using glossy accents since.


  2. What a fantastic idea! I’m always saving things and looking at other ways to use them. I love this. I giggled when you said Q-Tip instead of toothpick. There are some words I always confuse and it’s nice to hear someone else do it! Years ago when my kids got out of school we had to go get a wedding gift and a card for a friend. As I was looking at cards my son asked what a sympathy card was for. Without thinking I told him you buy those then people get married. You should have seen the looks I got! If it weren’t for those looks I wouldn’t have been aware I’d said anything wrong. Since I was a child, for some reason, I always confused weddings and funerals so I guess that’s where that came from.


  3. That is a great idea using eye shadow or pill holders for water color storage for travel etc. we can all find some little containers sitting around just waiting for a re- use for our extra water color paint. Thanks for the tip!


  4. This is so awesome! I bought a twelve-color eye shadow palette like this some time ago to use on art projects… and now I know what to do with the palette once the powders are all used up! Thanks as always for the great share :).


  5. I’m so glad you are feeling better!

    Now I am curious ….. which colors did you pick for this palette? One of them looks like May Green from Schmincke, but I never actually saw you using May Green …. It would be interesting to know which colors you use most. I have been trying to reduce my outdoor palette to only 12 half pans but never seem to find the right combination.

    Somebody suggested on youtube to paint the lid white so you can use it as a mixing area. I tried that once with an empty Altoids tin and couldn’t get the enamel paint smooth enough. I think if I had something with a transparent lid I would paint the outside instead, that way the inside would stay smooth enough to handle.

    Good idea to work upstairs in a warm room for the time being!


    1. I do not have any schminke watercolors, love the pastels tho!
      I pick a warm and cool of each primary, yellow ochre, sap green, burnt sienna and you can fill in with 3 more if you like:) We all have our faves!


  6. Loved your Ask a Crafter this week Lindsay! I do not comment on YouTube but i thought i would leave it here and perhaps you will find it. Someone mentioned that you looking at the stopwatch is distracting. I would have to agree. Think of it this way… Your having a conversation with someone ( which your videos have that wonderful appeal that you are just chitchatting with us) and they keep looking at their watch…You would feel like they need to be somewhere and you are just inconveniencing them… I know you don’t mean it that way . You are just making sure you don’t go over your time limit. But i wanted you to know that it does give some of your viewers that feeling…. Maybe you can find another way to keep track of time….. However contrary to another com mentor I like the rambling nature of your question and answers. I wouldn’t change a thing. Hugs! deb


  7. Lindsay, you amaze me. I would like to bottle your energy so I cld take advantage. Never wld have thought of this one!! Thanks for brightening my day!


  8. another great idea, Lindsay. Thanks so much for sharing. Just watched your water color rose tutorial and loved it. You make it look so effortless.


  9. Hi Lindsay: I have a tip for you. I keep a tube of lip balm with my watercolors and whenever I open a new tube of watercolor paint, I run the lip balm around the threads of the tube. The lids come off perfectly every time thereafter, but if one starts to stick a little I simply apply more lip balm onto the threads. Glad you are feeling a bit better!


  10. Also, I did a pingback from my blog to yours because I did the Coastal Landscape painting from your MyGrafico account. Not sure if the pingback worked but thought you might like to see it:


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