Make this for Valentines or Anytime!

Hi Friends! I am so happy, I feel better today than I have in days! I am loving my upstairs art table in my office where I can work in heat (although I have not had much time to enjoy it with the sickness and all the darn snow days) but the other day I made this pretty set of jewelry using new supplies from Panda Hall:


I was really inspired to use the lovely beaded chain, faceted glass hearts and tiny brass star charms on these pieces. The earrings have hearts making them perfect for valentine’s day but since I added the star element and went with a non traditional color scheme they can be worn anytime and are not overly feminine. The great thing about getting supplies from Panda Hall is that you get a lot if items in a pack, I am still using those flower toggle clasps from my December haul. Buy those beautiful basics in bulk because you will return to them again and again in your designs. Watch the video to see how easily this set goes together and for helpful tips. This is a beginner project.

I know you have some great idea for jewelry making. Panda Hall would love to see what you are up to and they are having a contest too for any interested folks on YouTube! They are giving away four cash prizes to the top 4 winners and all entrants will receive Panda Hall coupon codes of $50, $20 and $10. The earlier you submit the entry, the higher value of coupon you will get. You can get the full contest details here.


Good luck to everyone who enters! Thanks to Panda Hall for sponsoring this post, if you want to see the other goodies I received from them this month you can see my haul video here. I also have some coupon codes for everyone: Save $20 on your order of $200+ with coupon code: PHYoutube20 or Save $10 on your order of $120+ with coupon code: PHYoutube10 valid at through May 1, 2015. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

10 thoughts on “Make this for Valentines or Anytime!

  1. Very pretty have to check out panda hall. I have a question I hope you can help me with. I want to paint my kitchen and dining room yellow .the room is open to the living room which is my favorite color purple. I have white crown molding and the walls are a light green right now and I am so tired of them. I went to a local paint store and the girl told me she didn’t think I wanted yellow. But I still want to make my room bright and cheerful . What do you think? Would love opinions from anyone because she tried to make me feel like yellow would be depressing I thought it would be a happy color. Help me Lindsay you are good with color.


    1. My favorite color IS yellow and our dining-room and living room are painted yellow! But we left a wall in each room white to make it look cheerful because I think the combination of white and yellow gives you the feeling of light. I also picked yellow curtains for the living room and the kitchen. What I think is important is to not pick a too intensive or dark yellow, better more like a soft powdery yellow. You could try it out by buying a few yards of cloth in the right color and tape it to a wall to see what it looks like for a few days. Or paint a huge piece of cardboard in the color you picked at the paint store and set it up to see what it looks like at home. It all depends on the light and other colors you have at home. I never regretted painting our walls yellow and hope you will like it too!


    2. I love yellow, my bedroom is yellow and it is a compliment to purple which also means both colors will seem more vibrant next to each other so you might opt for a softer buttery shade or yellow or a pale lemon depending if you want a cool or warm yellow. I love yellow, it looks great in a kitchen too!


  2. Reblogged this on Jewelry Pendants and commented:
    WOW!! These jewelry sets make me wish I were you!! Can’t help trying to make something like these! I too love that pair of earrings. Well-designed jewelry sets with these cheap charms-star and beaded chain. I’ve heared of their beading contest too. Thank you for sharing…. They are so nice!!


  3. I forgot to tell you that I especially like the “sets” of things that you create. It is a complete ensemble that a woman can grab and be coordinated and classic at the same time. Annette “:O)


    1. Hi, I have been to Panda Haul twice to order something and I just find it too difficult to find what I’m looking for and the determining the cost. I really liked your jewelry video! I hope you have recovered 🙂


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