How I store markers and pencils!

Hi friends! I am on the mend. My voice is not back yet but I am feeling a lot better today. I have gone back and forth with different ways to store my pencils and markers and this way has worked for me the last 2 years. I used to have all of my pencils out in the clear racks my markers are in but I found that they were not as useful that way because I could not just grab a set and work with it elsewhere. My markers however worked perfectly in the rack because I would tend to pull the colors I needed from a project and it helped to see everything I had right there. You stuff is probably not the same as my stuff but hopefully this video can give you some ideas.

I hope some of these ideas helped you. You can also combine different brands of pencils into cups or jars if you don’t have complete sets of colors. Do what works for you. My storage videos are just that, how I store stuff. You do what works for you and your stash. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. I’m having marker envy!


  2. Oh, I left a comment on filling marker post, regarding pigment markers. Can they be refilled? With? I have one set Marvy and one set is Sakura. The Sakura are water and fade resistant opaque pigment.

    Congrats on the win!


    • if they are dried out and you have nothing to lose try a mix of 3 parts alcohol and 1 part glycerin. The alcohol should dissolve the dry pigment and the gylcerin should lubricate the ink. They are not designed to be refilled but this might work if it has dry ink in it.


  3. Lindsay, I love your watercolor videos, altho my first tries are a nightmare!! What is your facebook page addy? I tried “thefrugalcrafter” but it wasn’t you! Keep the watercolors coming. I learn so much from watching them!


  4. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    Thank you for this very informative video. Question: Would markers last longer if they were stored on their sides instead of straight up in a jar or cup? Thanks.
    Happy to hear you are feeling a lot better.
    Take care.


  5. Thanks Lindsay!


  6. I love the tin boxes and the box your hubby built. I think stacking colored pencils on shelves according to colors on ends to see what the pencil color at a glance is a great idea!


  7. LOVE your earings is there a video for that?


  8. This is waaaayyyy!!! cool, Lindsay! So happy you are feeling a bit better. You sound great! You are totally my crafty guru!


  9. Glad you feel better. Been working all day cleaning out my utility room. Wanting to fix some storage shelves and table to fold clothes on any ideas. You are so good with storage and have such good ideas help.


  10. Only wish I had the space you have. My pencil sets and markers are in Lock and Lock containers by Brand except for my big sets of Inktense and Prismacolor colors in their tins, and my Copic markers (in the big Copic carry case with the 6 buckets with handles to pull out a color family at a time. The pencils and markers containers are double stacked on a shelf above my washer and dryer and the Copics stored on top of a 10 pull out drawer container holding embellishments…all within easy reach to take what I need to use at my 7′ desk across from the washer/dryer.
    All the pencils and markers are stored horizontally which I know is the proper way for them.
    QUESTION: the Copics are stored vertically…is this a problem?


  11. I always store my markers on their sides. It keeps the nibs from drying out. I have Copics, Marvy nd Creative Memories. My CM markers are in their own containers which is flat on one side to prevent the container from rolling around. I have a set of Marvys that I have kept stored in their original tin case. I have had them for over 30 years! I’ve always kept them stored on their sides. I do the same with my Copics.


  12. ROFL I agree with Dawn, I have marker envy! Its my newest obsession, that and gelly plates — all thanks to you Lindsay, I’m going to make or get me a gelly plate. I love the prints I’ve been watching you do in your older videos.
    (I’m going through all the vids one by one)


  13. Hi!
    Thank you ladies for answering my question regarding storing markers on their sides.
    Take care.


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