It’s time for the Three Craft-a-teers! (Ask a Crafter)

Hi friends! A YouTube viewer call us that yesterday and I thought it was so cute! I had Lorraine and Kathy over yesterday to shoot a couple episodes before Lorraine went south for the winter. I can’t blame her, I have been super annoyed lately and it seems to be temperature related, I have had such a hard time getting motivated to walk the dog or even go downstairs to my studio (did I mention is was 48 degrees down there this weekend…oh yes, I’ve whined about it every day…) Matter of Fact I have been toying with throwing my treadmill out and putting a nice art desk in my office so I could create in the warmth but I am not sure about being away from my supplies. First world problems right? I have no right to complain, I have supplies, I have a space of my own, so what if it is a little chilly. Maybe I am just getting old, I still have not warmed up from working down there today, I even still have my stocking hat on! I offered to let the girls film this weeks Ask a Crafter upstairs but knowing how much you all like the ambiance of the craft room we shot downstairs, and actually, I think all of our hot air warmed the place up! LOL! Sit back with the toasty warm beverage of your choice and enjoy this weeks Ask a Crafter:

I think I am ready for a nice hot cup of tea. If you have a question for an upcoming show or you want to offer some advise or add to something we talked about be sure and leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


13 Responses

  1. You ladies are a hoot! And I always learn something from you. Thanks for taking your time to share your experiences with us.


  2. I have the Martha Stewart Score Board and the Stampin’ Up one also, the MS is 13″ across. The diagonal score board from Stampin’ Up will fit in it. Hope this helps.


  3. Love you ladies. I agree with you, Lindsay. I think mixed media is what’s coming. Gives me a chance to use my stash of supplies.


  4. Thank you so much Lindsay for answering my question. It helped alot:)


  5. Hi, thanks of all the information. My question is how would you make flat Christmas ornaments that you can write on, and can they be made of air dry clay? Now to help you with heat while you are working. Use your rice bags. They hold the heat for a long time. I put one under my feet and one on my lap can also put one on your back. You will be warm. I make a pillow case one for my feet, that way you can wash it often. Sorry to be so long winded.


  6. I use a Hougie board for scoring with the books that a ‘re available you can make cards boxes steppers and envelopes and loads more. One side measures in inches the other in centimetres. It comes in 2 sizes


  7. A couple months ago, someone asked about cleaning ink from their fingers/hands. I use a tool made/offered by Ranger called a Scrubby or Scruppie. It’s gray in color & feels like hard, dense but light-weight styrafoam & is round in shape. J/run it under water tap & rub over fingers/hands. It works great…


  8. CONGRATS LINDSAY!! you are a finalist in the Craftsy blogger awards!!! 😀 go to this site for more info and GRAB the button to put on your blog to get people to VOTE for you!!! i am sooo happy and wish you all the best! OK GUYS–NOW it is time to VOTE for Lindsay!!


  9. I crafted in a cellar in Massachusetts until we moved down here to Florida to care for my mother-in-law. Now I am in a bedroom and I am soooooo HOT I can’t think straight. I have a fan going but I would trade back to the cold any day of the week. At least up north I could layer up and use a little heater. Here there is little relief when you have a 91 year old who is always COLD and her son who is mostly cold. My 48 degree cellar seems like nirvana! 🙂 If only drops of sweat were made up of fat. 😉


  10. Looks like you are leading in the election. Way to go!!!!


  11. Loved the show, as always. I kept getting distracted by your earrings, they are so fun!! Did you make those?


  12. I’m just beginning to make occasion cards. It seems like all the focus is on the the front and the inside is left completely blank. Is that correct? Do you just freehand a message or what? I’m confused. Im used to store bought cards with a sentiment inside and you pen a small note and sign it.


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