DIY Chalk Paint!

Hi Friends! I have been asked many times about making my own chalk paint. Turns out it is super easy. Watch the video to see how:

Chalk Paint Recipe:

3 parts acrylic paint

1 part plaster of paris powder

Directions: Mix well until no lumps or grit remains. If your paint is really thick use less plaster. If it is too thick to brush on add a few drops of water and mix again.

This paint is super opaque and you probably won’t need primer over it. If you are using this on furniture I recommend adding a protective coat of furniture wax or satin polyurethane. If you want to use this to make a chalkboard surface don’t add a sealer but let it dry and cure for a couple of days before using. I hope you like this easy DIY project and let me know if you try it out! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


11 Responses

  1. We make chalk paint all the time and paint yard sale finds/goodwill/etc. wood/plastic/misc. never have to prep items. I have even painted right over the old shinny blond furniture But we mix with drywall compound mix, never plaster Paris We use all types of paint. Might try the drywall mix. Thanks for all your ideas, sorry had to add our 2cents….


  2. thumbs way up for DIY projects. You come up with so many great ideas!!


  3. Thank you for great tutorial on chalk paint. Your enthusiastic attitude and voice always inspires me to get busy creating😊


  4. when the purple was tii thick I wondered would it work with stencils then?


  5. Love everything you do!
    Question though, did you write with chalk on the plain acrylic paint? I thought the chalk paint was the more pastel shades?
    I’m a little confused… Nothing new there… Lol!


  6. I liked it isnt plastparis kinda high in price is there any thing eles you can use?


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