DIY Custom Metal Stamped Jewelry!

Hi Friends! Tonight I am going to show you how to make your own custom jewelry like this:

DCF 1.0

The letter L in the middle was a chipboard piece I stamped on for practice and I think it is pretty enough for a brooch! I used the Jewelry Stamping Kit from MakersKit to create these items. It is so easy to do, just follow along with the tutorial!

Be sure to hit the metal stamper hard twice with the hammer to make sure you get a good impression. It is also very important to work on a solid surface with no bounce because if the piece moves you will get a double impression. This kit is $34 which is a great deal considering the stamps alone cost $55 at other jewelry shops. If you want to try this kit or any others that MakersKit has to offer use the coupon code thefrugalcrafter to save 20%! This was a super-fun collaboration with MakersKit. Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


9 Responses

  1. What a cute idea..and with this kit…maybe I can do it…thanks for sharing…love it..


  2. Lyndsey your links aren’t working..


  3. It worked on my computer. I had to do the one that says jewelry stamping kit. Very nice I have been thinking about getting a stamping kit for a long time. Just might have to try it. Thanks Lindsay you are great.


  4. Awesome. I have had those punches still in the box for 1 1/2 yrs (u are correct, they were kinda pricie) thanks to your awesome video now I think I can make something. Also I can never find the thumbs up icon? Thanks again for always sharing. I have to watch you everyday!!!!!!


  5. As an elderly woman, I wouldn’t wear these as jewelry, but I would, and probably will, use them as cute zipper pulls, dangles, or charms on my tote bag/messenger bag/basket/cell phone purse/anything bag/purse creations!


  6. The link to MakersKit doesn’t work……


  7. I didn’t have any problem with the link. I placed an order last night. Ordered enough for free shipping and saved $13.80 Thanks Lindsay


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