Let’s paint an icy cold landscape!

Hi friends! This week has been so cold in Maine, we have had sub-zero temps every night this week and I have to say that I am looking forward to spring. Ah, well, if you can’t escape it then you might as well paint it! This project uses only 3 colors of paint, a 9″x12″ sheet of 140# watercolor paper and whatever brushes you like.


I used this photo by Robyn “Ro” Lovelock on Paint my Photo for a reference. Watch and see how easy it is to paint!

If you liked the lesson, you may also enjoy the Mixed Media Watercolor 101 course from Curious.com. And they are offering a special deal to my subscribers: If you buy the course, Curious will give you $5 towards future learning when you email support@curious.com and mention “thefrugalcrafter”. While you are there be sure to sign up for Curious to keep up to date with current specials and daily free classes! I hope you enjoyed today’s project, thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!





14 Responses

  1. love this!!


  2. It’s amazing what you can do with only 2 or 3 colors. It’s so beautiful. Thanks so much.


  3. What a wonderfull painting Lindsay


  4. Stunning artwork!


  5. How wonderful! Love it!


  6. Lindsey why do I get your texts but no video With the e mails?? Do I need to add something from your blog site to enable me to get the video portion????

    Sent from my iPhone



  7. Beautiful painting. You make it look so easy.


  8. This is a question: I am interested in doing watercolor bookmarkers. Does anyone know how I do the faded, muted handwriting lettering for a background,which I see on so many hand-made bookmarks (with a flower-or whatever- painted over it)? Is this a stamp? Where can I buy one? I have googled online, with no luck!



    • can you share a link to an example of this?


      • Actually I found what I wanted late last night on Amazon.com: Hero Arts Stamp Old Letter Writing, and Hero Arts Stamp La Lettre. Perfect. Then, I will faintly usenthat on the background and watercolor over it. Amazon.com also has an old, antique-looking stamp of the map of the worlld. I thought I could also lightly stamp, say, Europe on the background of a bookmark and then paint the Eiffel Tower over it. Great gift for a book for someone traveling to France! The original idea for the bookmark was found on Pinterest, from Wildflowerhouse.blogspot.com. But there are several watercolor bookmarks on Pinterest that have caught my eye.


  9. It’s so hard to get my head around the fact that you did this in 10 minutes. I am always in awe of your paintings. And I love your AAC too. You, Katherine & Kathy seem to have a fun time. Thank you for all your informative and entertaining videos.


  10. I want to paint this. The photo reference doesn’t open up from the link here or on YouTube. Canyon help me?


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