Let’s Paint an Amaryllis!

Hi friends! I hope you are having a nice weekend. We decided it would be fun to organize all the drawers and cupboards in the kitchen today. Notice I said organize and not re-organize because it was never organized in the first place. I estimated the process would take an hour. “For that drawer?” my husband asked. “Nope, for everything, it’s not that bad.” I said. That was about 10 hours ago. I was wrong. But I must say it is my boundless optimism that allows me to tackle such project at all because if someone asked me if I wanted to spend my Saturday organizing my kitchen I’d tell them to go fly a kite. I would happy organize a craft room for 10 hours (that probably explains why my craft room is the most organized place in the house) and I am planning a “how to store it” craft/art supply video series this month so if you have any things you would like me to tell you how to store just let me know in the comments (and it better not have anything to do with kitchen utensils LOL!) Actually, the kids helped a lot and I was able to dodge much of the organizing…the silverware drawer though, that was all me. Wait, you came here to paint, not listen to my tale of woe so here is what we are painting today, a lovely Amaryllis!
I snapped a photo of the flower too so you can see what I was working from. I’m not much of a photographer but you get the idea:


Follow along in this real-time tutorial:

I mentioned I was using watercolor canvas by Fredrix. You might like it and (yay!) it IS still being sold (I am never sure when I use a product I’ve had a long time) it is good if you like to lift back to the white of the paper, it might be aggravating if you like to build glazes. I think it is nice to break out of your comfort zone and try something new…like organizing the kitchen…(NOT!) I hope you have a great rest of the weekend and have time to create something amazing, til next time happy crafting!


11 Responses

  1. Your flower is so pretty and you painted it just as nice:)


  2. lol 😀 you’re like me Lindsay…i think something will take no time at all, and then… days… later, lol.(i get distracted easily)…too funny! but it feels great when it is done and looks to nice! then the task is to keep it that way! 🙂 good luck and LOVE the flower! 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on cindyzs and commented:
    paint an Amaryllis with Lindsay the frugal crafter in real time!


  4. well yes I do have a question…I have so “many” types of crafts that I like to do, but in a very small space…let me emphasize very very small space. I have paint, fabric, jewelry, scrapbook, card stuff, etc, etc…(yes I go to HL way to many times) I have stuff separated in totes by what type of craft. I find that I “forget” I have bought stuff, and buy again or just plain lose items….I don’t have the room to put everything out on display …do you have any tricks for my sort of problems (besides shopper/crafter anonymous!!!) thanks Meli


  5. Hi Lindsay, Lovely Amaryllis! You are so talented.
    I am glad you asked about if we had any questions about craft storage. How do you suggest we store those 2 oz. bottles of acrylic paint (like Plaid paint, Craft Smart paint, Americana paint, etc. ? Can they be stored laying down? Has anything bad ever happened if you store them laying down? I think about storing them laying down only because it is better to see what colors you have. But, you may have a better idea. Thank you for all you do, and good luck with jury duty! Pam


  6. When putting watercolor paint on the palette how do you keep it from shrinking up and not flowing out?
    The amaryllis is very pretty.


    • the paint I use has honey in it and it keeps it sticky and moist and in the wells. Hope that helps:)


      • Have you heard of roughing up the palette with soft scrub, etc.? Would that permanently damage the palette or work/


        • I guess you could in the wells but not in the mixing area because it will stain:) I’d add a bit of glycerin or honey if the paint is drying and cracking.


  7. LIndsey–do you have a video or tutorial on how you unmount stamps & how you then treat them? Thanks


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