This is what I gave my girlfriends!

Hi friends! Now that Christmas is past I can share the gifts I made for some of my best girlfriends:


Glitter sparkle monogrammed necklaces! Watch the video to see how I made them!

You will need:
chain (the dollar packs at walmart have enough to make 4 necklaces)

  • Flower Toggle Clasp
  •  (Pandahall)
    beads (from stash)
    tiny glitter bottles (Dollar Tree has them in the cosmetic aisle)
    chandelier earring findings

  • Pendants
  • (Pandahall)


    This project can be put together with 2 pairs of 3-in-1 pliers (they have a wire cutter built-in) but you might also want flush cut pliers and a jump ring opener if you are making a lot. A bead board is handy too but you can also use a towel or piece of felt on your table as a work surface.


    My friends loved their necklaces. I hope you give them a try! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

    8 thoughts on “This is what I gave my girlfriends!

    1. Truly love the fact that you show us crafts that are quick and easy, reasonably pricing and generally need little time.


    2. Hi Lindsay, this necklaces are amazing. I will be making these for my girlfriends for their birthday’s and for Christmas presents. You are so amazing with all the different types of crafts you are able to do. I look forward to all your video’s on the items you make. I also love the info on how to make my crafting dollars so further. I’m a little envious and wish I could be a master crafter like you. Can you tell I LOVE The Frugal Crafter. LOL Sending hugs your way and looking forward to what you will share in the coming New Year. Wishing you and your family a Blessed New Year.


    3. What a great idea for gifts. I LOVE them and the vintage look is great. Thanks for all your tutorials all year long. They are terrific!


    4. Reblogged this on fashionornaments and commented:
      oh Lindsay! I M.U.S.T say : the Christmas gift idea is soooooo beautiful and unique. Can’t help trying this one out this weekend… Thank you so much for sharing! btw, which kinds of the beads in red color? glass beads n pearl beads?


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