Have you tried THIS to sell your art & crafts?

Hi Friends! I have exciting news! In a few days I will be setting up shop in a local Antiques mall! I have rented space there before to sell my cards, jewelry and paintings with varying degrees of success. This is the 3rd time I will be renting in this shop and I have been on the waiting list for 9 months hoping for a spot to come available. This might be a good solution for others trying to make some money off their art. I will chat about this and other options for selling your work in today’s Art Marketing Vlog:

Everytime I do an art marketing video people ask me about ETSY and what I think about it as a place to sell crafts. I have to admit that I have never tried it but my friend Renae Christine from RichMomBusiness.com has a free webinar all about succeeding on Etsy called Why Your Etsy Shop is Failing. In her Etsy tutorial she will teach you how to run a successful Etsy shop and increase views to your page and most importantly boost sales. Renae is the leader in teaching about etsy and she loves to help mom businesses succeed. You can sign up for her free webinar here.

If you want to see my other tips for selling, packaging and displaying art please check out my Art Marketing Playlist.

I will share another video of my shop when it is open, I hope to set it up on January 1st or 2nd (I’m paying rest so I don’t want to waste a day LOL!) so stay tuned! If you have any questions on renting space in shops, Co-Ops, consigning your work or craft fairs leave them in the comments. If you have questions about ETSY sign up for Renae’s free Etsy Webinar because I really can’t help you there. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

11 thoughts on “Have you tried THIS to sell your art & crafts?

    1. no but the jury duty I got picked for in January will limit me next month. Setting up shop will be like setting up a craft fair, then it will take 1 hour a week:) This ain’t my first rodeo:)


  1. Wow, how exciting!! Best wishes for great success. (I did sign up for your friend’s webinar so hopefully I’ll learn lots!) THANKS!


  2. Thank you, Lindsey! Great information here – I’m kinda very curious about hostessing classes somewhere, and maybe having some stuff for sale too. Have you ever taught at art retreats or hosted something like that?


    1. I used to own an art studio and made my living teaching classes and workshops. I have also taught for the Society of Decorative Painters. This spring I will be teaching a class at the Heirloom show in W. Springfield Mass. Teaching is great because you get repeat business. I am not doing much teaching on a regular basis because I need a flexible schedule with all of my families activities.


  3. I have a booth in a little antique mall in town. Sell mostly stuff that I’m downsizing but lately have sold a lot of stamps I don’t want any more and punches etc. Sometimes I make the rent and sometimes not. I have a partner who shares the booth with me and we split the cost which is 40.00. I tried selling cards and gift notebooks but they didn’t go well. I do sell cards and gift notebooks and wine tags at the Bowman Shannon Art Gallery. The commission there I believe is 7 %. Business is spotty and some things I have had in the booth a year are finally sold. You never know what people are looking for.

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  4. Lindsay! I just watched your acrylic paint/ grapes wine topper video and i have to thank you so much. I’m a beginner with acrylic paint and your video helped me so much. You make it look so easy and i love how you just ramble on as you paint. I know you do alot of water color painting but i hope you’ll do more with acrylics. I don’t comment on YouTube so i hope you don’t mind i commented here…. I’d like to follow you but i only use… Google Friend Connect and searched your blog but i don’t see it. Thanks again. Hugs! deb


  5. I am sure you will do well, I have shopped similar here in Michigan. I did sign up for your friend Renae’s webinar since I plan to stock my Etsy shop and try to sell some things this year. I guess the 1st reason I am not selling is because it is empty, lol! Working on that this year, less on my blog. I don’t have your energy to do it all, lol! ~Diane


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