Merry Christmas, it’s Ask a Crafter!

Hi Friends! Tonight we will have my hubby’s side of the family over for dinner and presents.  Last year we had a power outage due to an ice storm for 3 days before Christmas, it kinda put you in the mindset of “I can only do what I can do” and really took the pressure off to be perfect. I have really been calm getting ready for the holidays this year and enjoying it more. Yesterday Kathy and I took the kids out to a movie (Night at The Museum 3, it was wonderful!) and to see the decorations at the mall. It wasn’t the least bit crazy, people were cheerful (even the salespeople who have been working around the clock) it was really nice. We went to a late supper and brought home really tired kids. Last year we never made it out to the mall (probably because of the ice storm) and the kids missed it and asked about it. I don’t know how long they will enjoy this, hopefully for a long time, who knows, maybe 40 years from now they will be taking their old and senile moms for a spree at the mall. I love the quote  We’ll be friends Until we are Old and senile. Then we will be New Friends!  Yep, sums us up pretty well I think! Please join Kathy, Lorraine and I for this weeks ask a crafter!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!