Let’s Paint Winter Branches in Pastel!

Hi friends! I just found out that we are supposed to get rain and not snow this Christmas in Maine, oh well. at least we had a white Thanksgiving LOL! Tonight I have a beginner pastel painting tutorial for you. I am using soft pastels (like a soft chalk) but you can use oil pastels or any opaque drawing medium. Follow along and have fun!

Surface: Grey mat board (you can use paper too)
Pastels. I am using Windsor & Newron brand and will list the # I used, feel free to use what you have or even try another dry drawing media.
#317 Indian Red tint 1- Berry highlight
#726 Windsor Red tint 3 Berry
#725 Windsor Red Deep tint 4 berry base color
#465 Paynes Grey tint 4 shadows/bacground
#331 Ivory Black shadows/background
#554 Raw Umber tint 5 branches
#447 Olive Green tint 5 foliage
#719 Windssor Green Blue Shade tint 4 foliage
#459 Oxide of Chromium tint 4 foliage
#644 Titanium White snow
#709 Windsor Blue Red Shade snow shadows

I am trying to take my own advice and remain calm this week.  I have a few thing to do in the studio, which has been taken over by crafty kids, so I have no space to work and darn it, it’s cold in there and it’s making me feel very unmotivated. I think I am going to bring my projects upstairs (sorry honey) and work on the living room floor while I enjoy some TV…anything good on these days? I hope you are enjoying the week. Try not to feel down or stressed. Take care of yourself, everyone who loves you will want you to and I want you too. Have a great night and til next time happy crafting!