DIY Gift Bags from Kraft paper!

Hi Friends! I have been hunkering down at the house this week, the only time I have left was to attend concerts and basketball games at my kid’s school. It is crunch time friends, there will be none of this ‘drive to the store to buy gift bags’ nonsense here! We can make our own and it is easy and frugal using supplies from Papermart!

For this project you will need:
Kraft Paper
Paper raffia ribbon twine
Hot Glue
and a box or DVD cases to use as a template
You can also decorate the bag with beautiful ribbons

I hope you enjoyed this easy wrapping project! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



9 Responses

  1. Thanks for the video!


  2. Hi Lindsay,

    I like the idea of making gift bags from Kraft Paper myself!

    And using Kraft Paper is SUCH a good idea too! Every time I find wrapping paper made from Kraft Paper I buy some because it is so sturdy, better than the usual kind of wrapping paper. I hate it when you wrap up a present and corners of books etc. tear the paper. The idea of just having two rolls of Kraft Paper (brown and white) is appealing too, I have SO many different kinds of wrapping paper you wouldn’t believe it and you need special colors of ribbon to match difficult colors like turquoise or mint to go along with it and end up with a MASS of material. Just choosing between two different colors of Kraft Paper and concentrating on bows and decorating instead would be nicer than drowning in an avalanche of wrapping paper.

    You have the best ideas!


  3. I Love this idea!! I have a roll of Kraft paper like yours and it’s been just sitting there so this is Perfect to use it up. And you make the bags so easy without any gadgets used. Awesome!! Thank you


  4. Cool idea. If you wrap a strip of scrap paper around one of the dvd’s and then pull on it, you could extract the rest of the dvd’s easily. Definitely going to try doing this. Thanks so much.


  5. Now why didn’t I think of that? I’m such a DYI person and I never thought of using a form to help make the bags easier. THANK YOU. Great idea and tutorial.


  6. Hi Lindsey,
    Thanks 4 all u do!!! I would like 2 know which paper cutter u recommend 4 when traveling 2 stamp with friends? My Staples 1 is too heavy…


    • I have a Cutterpede from EK success but I think it might be discontinued, you might try the portable fiskars one.


  7. Great Idea! I’m giving my stash of wrapping paper to the thrift shop. Need room in that closet!!!


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