How To Avoid Glare When Photographing Your Art {DIY Light Diffusers!}

Hi Friends! I know you all are artist and crafters and many of you like to photograph your work and some of you make video tutorials sharing your crafty goodness. Or maybe you are finding that your task lighting is too harsh and making too much glare on your work.Well today I have a solution and it only costs pennies!

I used deli paper (aka dry waxed paper) to soften my studio lights but you could use white tissue paper too. Keep in mind that I am using CFL bulbs over my workspace so they do not get hot where as other lights produce heat. Don’t leave the lights on with the papers on them unattended. Besides, it wastes electricity lighting an empty room. 🙂 I think this tutorial will be most useful to video people making videos and I hope it helps someone out there. Goodness knows I was helped by tips from other bloggers along the way. I just want to pay it forward. Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

One thought on “How To Avoid Glare When Photographing Your Art {DIY Light Diffusers!}

  1. Thank you sooooo very much. I’ve been having trouble photographing my work and it’s been bugging me that I can’t actually post some of my projects. You are a star. This tutorial is awesome….


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