DIY Duct Tape Christmas Trees!

Hi Friends! Tonight I have a fun project using cardstock and duct tape, have a look:

If you don’t have duct tape you can use 2″ ribbon, scrapbook paper or even leftover gift wrap, just cut it into 2″ wide strips and cut those into 1 1/2″ lengths and fold them just like I did in the video. If you are not using duct tape you will need to use glue, I suggest a glue stock for thin wrapping paper, tacky glue or hot glue for scrapbook paper and hot glue for ribbon. The duck tape I used is from Oriental Trading Company. Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

PS Starting Monday you can vote for your favorite holiday lights in the USA Today Best Holiday Lights Contest! You might even win a $1,500 gift card!

11 thoughts on “DIY Duct Tape Christmas Trees!

  1. this is very cool. I love it. I can totally use my washi tape for this. I don’t have duct tape, beside the silver, but i do have 3oo rolls of washi…. thanks for the idea.


  2. What a great idea!! I don’t have the color duct tape but this is a great way for the gifts under the tress to match the Christmas decorations!! Thank you very much for sharing your awesome talent with all of us!!


  3. Hi Lindsay,

    Okay, I am one of those people who find nice washi tape in a shop while actually being there for a completely other reason and can’t resist buying it! The colors, the patterns! And then by and by I end up with a wonderful collection of washi tape completely unused. From time to time I open the lid of the box of washi tape, gaze at them and finger them whispering: „My Precious!“ and then carefully close the lid again. I think I never dared to really USE them for fear it’s a short-lived fashion and I might not be able to stock up again if I use them!

    After hearing you warn us we had better USE it because we might end up with a sticky mess I was shocked. I never thought it could have a „Best Before“! I use normal tape that is YEARS old and is still like new.

    Yesterday I wanted to bring somebody some fir, a tea light and some Lindt chocolates wrapped in glittery red foil to hospital and I gingerly opened my box, took out a roll of red and white washi tape and tore off a strip to wrap around the tea light. It worked! The first step was a challenge but now I will surely be able to start using my washi tape. Maybe even quicker than I am at buying more!


    1. Oh, you poor dear and kindred heart. I love acquiring my crafty goods, but using them is so hard! I find that I am very stingy (even when I buy in bulk), and have to force myself to use my items for their intended purpose. I hope you have loads of fun actually enjoying your Washi tapes, though thumbing over them and muttering “My Precious” in the dark every now and again is a completely reasonable pastime. 🙂


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