How to Make a Multi Stand Bracelet, Earrings and Ring! {gift idea!}

Hi Friends! Happy Friday night! I had a lovely time the other day making this easy gift set using some new beading supplies from PandaHall:


Thanks to a few of my viewers who told me that the prongs on the frame of the ring should be pushed down snug around the glass. I pushed them down with my finger but you can use a pencil eraser too. I did not show that in the video but wanted to make sure you knew:)


You can use any beads you like for this but I will include a full supply list below the video if you want exactly what I used.


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Thanks to PandaHall for sponsoring today’s video. They are a great source of quality jewelry supplies particularly if you are selling your jewelry and need to get the best prices on your materials. If you want more information on the materials they sent me you can watch my haul video here. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. very nice.

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  2. Lindsay I love every thing you do, I love you! I am wondering if you have a favorite soap making recipe you could share . If you make soap lol


  3. Oh wow, Lindsay, this bracelet/ring/ear ring set is BEAUTIFUL. I really like the paper you used and the bracelet is elegant. I agree with you that you took away the other beads. It did make them look inexpensive. I agree with your choices of beads. TFS. 🙂


  4. Reblogged this on Jewelry Pendants and commented:
    Very nice. I love this jewelry set. Thanks for sharing this with us. And I like the way you clearly show all the detail steps. great job! I will try to make some jewelry sets with my beading supplies too. :)


  5. Reblogged this on Where to Buy Pretty Beads and commented:
    What fabulous jewelry you have made! I love the cabochon earrings and ring. The color of necklace strands mix so well. Good job!


  6. Inspired me to make more jewellery, checked out Pandahall too.


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