Bling on the Wrapping!

Hi friends! Wanna know a secret? I have always loved wrapping presents. I am kind of afraid to admit this because I fear that all my friends will drop off their gifts to be wrapped. The trouble is that this time of year I don’t have as much time to put into the wrappings. Well, that is until now. I came up with some cute and clever ideas using inexpensive supplies from Papermart! You probably have some of these things around your house too so I urge you to try some of these ideas today!


The first tip I can offer for quick holiday wrapping is to make a dedicated space. You don’t have to keep it up all year but during the holidays it is a must. It can be a card table in the corner of your basement with a supply of scissors, tags, pens and tape. You can place a clean tall trash can next to the table to hold rolls of wrapping paper. If you have a guest room you might put a small piece of plywood on the bed (smooth, thin Masonite won’t snag your bedding) so you have a large work space you can sit and wrap at. It is more comfy than trying to wrap gifts sprawled across the floor and since it is more enjoyable you are more likely to wrap for longer and get more done! Today we are going to use kraft paper as the base of our wrapping and you can see my big tip for storing that for ease of use in today’s video:

What do you think? Easy, inexpensive and super festive! Here is a list of the supplies I used:

Kraft Paper
Packing Tape
Washi Tape
Bakers Twine
Unstrung Merchandise Tags

I hope you try some plain kraft paper for gift wrapping, it even comes in white. There are so many other options for embellishing it and you can make it for any occasion. You can try stencils and stamps, you can wrap it with party streamers, the sky’s the limit! There are so many options! I hope you enjoyed today’s ideas and that it inspires you to get creative with your gift wrapping. Also, If I know you in real life I DO NOT want you dropping off gifts on my doorstep to be wrapped but you are more than welcome to use my gift warp area and supplies! If you liked this idea and want to share it there are handy buttons below to share this on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter as well as other fine places. I do appreciate each and every share! Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

6 Responses

  1. These look AMAZING! Love this idea!


  2. awesome Idea. I will be using my washi tape for xmas. I can’t help but hoard it and it really bothers me that I do. So now I will be able to use it and for a good reason. thanks


  3. Thumbs way up. Loved these ideas and I have some stuff in my home that will work beautifully for this project and I will finally have used it. Thanks


  4. I’ve always thought that wrapping presents is almost as fun as unwrapping them. When I wrap presents in plain paper, I tend to doodle all over them. I can’t help myself. There’s not a blank spot on them! Everyone knows it’s from me though. Plus it gives them an extra smile before they open their gift. 🙂


  5. This is a great idea. Your idea of adding glitter is AWESOME. I saw something similar on the Hello Sandwich blog. She used paper confetti. I make my own by punching shapes like stars and circles; I cut triangles and odd shapes with my paper snips; using multiple colors that work together or coordinate with my project. This is a great way to use your scraps (need to use paper that has color/decorated on both sides). If you add another strip of packing tape to the back, so that the adhesive is sealed, you can make it into bows. A simple method is to take a strip, pinch it in the middle and secure w/ narrow clear tape. I make these and use a glue dot to stick them on the handles of the mugs that hold my craft tools. They are great on the handle of a gift bag too.

    Stickers would be great to line up, and then add some glitter and sequins. I buy a lot of cute stickers but rarely use them. And I am seeing tiny punched trees, and stars in red and green or gold and silver on that packing tape. Oh what fun!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  6. Great idea Lindsay I really have to start using that Washi and find a good way to store it so I can access it more efficiently.


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