Do you want to paint a snowman?

You totally just sang that didn’t you? I could not resist, sorry! I was changing my fall decorations over to Christmas decorations the other day and was just about to toss my gourds into the woods when I noticed that one had completely dried out! It must have been because it was over my fireplace so the heat dried it instead of it rotting. I thought it would make a great surface to paint on. I was right!


This project is super easy to paint and don’t worry if you don’t have a dried out gourd lying around, you can use a burnt out light bulb or Christmas ball for this. You will also need acrylic paint, felt, a pom-pom, red sequins, a green paper scrap and scissors.

Pretty easy huh? If you can think of any other things that can be substituted for the gourd leave a comment, it will be helpful to other readers that may not have the same supplies! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


13 Responses

  1. Okay Linsey!!!! This is really cute and everything….. But…… One more thing from Frozen and I just may lose it!! Not really! but I will roll my eyes….. Harshly


  2. Very cute, Lindsay! This coule be painted on a light bulb, a styrofoam ball maybe covered in tissue paper, or of course a round ornament. Lots of possibilities!


  3. very cute


  4. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    Great idea, but be careful using a light bulb. If the light bulb was accidentally dropped it could break and pieces of glass would be all over the place.
    Best wishes!


  5. So very cute. I have a good friend that paints on gourds. she does beautiful work on them.


  6. such a cute idea. I paint on old blown light bulbs. One does have to be careful not to drop and break them.


  7. Of course I sang it – now it’s going round in my head – thanks!!! Anyway love your site – always interesting. From Australia a cool 77f and a storm brewing.


  8. Help! I have crochet for the past 4 1/2 years. Now I want to try card making etc. Went to JoAnn’s. Was totally lost on where to start. And guess what? They were totally lost. They could not guide me on how to get started without going bankrupt. Any ideas? Thx.


    • This is what I recommend for someone getting started:
      1 waterprook black or brown inkpad (Ranger Archival)
      1 set of watercolor pencils (Reeves is a cheap yet good quality choice, get the 36 set if you can, it is about $20 or less. $15 at Blick)
      clear blocks or small peices of plexiglass for stamping blocks
      1 set of clear sentiment stamps OR alphabet stamps
      1 set of image stamps you like

      You can stamp with the waterproof black in and color with the pencils. It will go a long way and then you can add inks and stamps as budget allows. If you do not like stamping you can use your supplies for other art so nothing is wasted. Good luck!


  9. You cane use some plastic balls, the one you have in two pieces to put decorations in. It is light weight and during Christmas time you find them in all the stores (except where I live though).
    Nice snowman !


  10. That’s a great easy craft for kids to make and so cute too. Shame on JoAnn Store. It is really hard to get any help in a self-service store like they are. They are better with help when it comes to fabric at the store I shop at. Your advice to Joanne is great. The best of luck Joanne. You will have fun.


  11. He looks so adorable!


  12. Quick, easy and cute. Would be a great addition to a Christmas package. Guess I’ll be going back to The Dollar Tree!!


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