Winter Wonderland! {Painting Tutorial and Collab!}

Hi Friends! Today I am excited to share a collaboration project I did with Julien Neel of A Capella Trudbol. He is an amazingly talented singer. I also got to dust off my PanPastels. I bought them a while ago and I love using them but they are one of those “precious” supplies that I keep saving…I need to STOP that!


Here is my portion of the collab, the full painting tutorial with narration…

And here is Julien’s video, a speed painting with lovely music!

How fun is that? I will be giving away the painting to someone who leaves a comment on my video on YouTube and Julien will be giving away an album to someone who leaves a comment on his video. I will notify the winner though a YouTube private message so make sure you check. I will pick a winner next Sunday. You can find Julien’s Music on Amazon and itunes. He has a new Christmas album and others you should check out! I want to thank Julien Neel of A Capella Trudbol for collaborating with me and thank you for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

35 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland! {Painting Tutorial and Collab!}

    1. We’ve got some of the PanPastels and so I’m excited to see a demonstration with them. Music and painting – can’t get any better than this!


  1. Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one who bought supplies and was afraid to use them, because then I wouldn’t have them any more!


  2. I loved the Winterland tutorial and watch a lot of your watercolor tutorials and craft ideas. You inspire me to be more creative.


  3. Pastels aren’t a medium I would have considered using until being inspired once again by you Lindsay! Perhaps it’s time to splurge and give myself an early holiday gift. I love your skies as they always seem underworked and look so real. I tend to overwork mine and don’t always enjoy the result. Going to keep practicing for sure and following all of your water colour tutorials. Happy Holidays from a loyal Canadian fan. The singing was wonderful … such talent!


  4. I have never worked with pastels, but just like with watercolors, you have inspired me. After the wreath making, baking, and holiday craziness I am going to come back to this and try it. You do such a great job making me feel comfortable and giving me that “can do” attitude. Would love to win anything from you, but feel like I’ve already won by subscribing to your channel. Now off to check out Julien’s gift. Merry Christmas!! ~Martha


  5. I, too, used to hoard, then realized by doing so I was leaving my grand and great grand children lots of toys they may or may not like for themselves. I bought it all because I wanted it to play with it so damn it let me play with it! I now head for the lasted and “bestest”of my stuff and start there and go backwards, No longer hoard any thing.I have grown to love using my “good” stuff.


  6. Havent touched my pan pastels yet either. I dont have too many colors since they are expensive but loved watching you use them on this gorgeous picture…..and the music was wonderful.


  7. I feel like when I post I always say the same thing but love watching you paint! One minute it just looks like scribbles the next minute the picture comes to life! It amazes me every time! 😊


  8. Have hesitated to try these even though I have the supplies, but you make it look so easy, I will try it. The music and painting combination was great.


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