What YEAR is it anyway?

Hi friends! Yesterday I made a bunch of clay ornaments to use as gift tags on Christmas presents and I left all of my supplies out so my kids could make some if they wanted today. Well, my girls took one look at the ornaments and said “Mom, what does that say 2015?” To which I replied “Because that is this year.” The girls looked at each other and said “No it’s not!” I guess I am just ahead for next year!ย LOL!


Luckily I only stamped the date on one ornament! Working with polymer clay is really fun. There are some pitfalls I want to help you avoid though. There are different kinds of polymer clay and they all have a purpose. I thought about making this video really short and showing only the step by step (that seems to be the popular thing to do among YouTube crafters) but I really wanted to explain a little more in-depthย so you can avoid making brittle ornaments or burning your clay. Maybe it is over explaining, what do you think? You can let me know in the comments below. ๐Ÿ˜€

polymer clay
ink (pigment-metallic looks really pretty!)
plastic wrap
rolling-pin or pasta machine
needle tool, pin or straw
cookie cutter
mica powder (optional)

Directions (these are brief since I explained so much in the video):
Condition the clay be kneading or rolling through the pasta machine several times. Flatten the clay and place plastic wrap on top, cut with a cookie cutter. Remove plastic wrap and excess clay. Make a hole for the ribbon. Dust with mica powder if desired. Stamp snowflake with pigment ink. Bake according to package instructions. After cool, add ribbon for hanging.

I also wanted to give you some more info on the 2014 holiday lights contest sponsored by USA Today:

You can enter the USA TODAY contest by uploading a photo of your own holiday lights display here The winner of this photo contest gets a $5,000 gift card from USA TODAY!

It does not matter how big or small, they want to see ALL of your best holiday light displays! Don’t wait, you have until 12/10/14 to enter!

On the 12th you can vote for your favorite out of the 10 finalists! 2 voters will win $1000 and $1500 gift cards from USA Today! Voting begins hereย on 12/12/14

Good luck to all who enter and vote! Winner will be announced on 12/22/14


Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



19 Responses

  1. very nice


  2. Well girlfriend at the pace you run I think you’ve most likely catapolted yourself somehow to the year 2015 ahead of us! We’ll all catch up with ya after Christmas. lol We love you and I know I’m so thankful for the time and energy you share with us. Have a great Christmas. Oh. some of my gifts this year are watercolor things since you’ve taught me how. (grins real big) Thank you!!


  3. You do NOT over explain! The explainations are one reason I follow you! Well you have a tag already for next year ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the smile.


  4. ok Lins…tell us what big news is happening in 2015 that you had it on your mind! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I really thought I heard you wrong and had to replay it, lol ..unless you are so super ahead of schedule you are working on 2015!! you are ‘SUPER NINJA WOMAN’!! your brain works so fast, warp speed…i do the same lol ๐Ÿ˜€ i left a message for someone the other day and said ‘i have been trying to get hold of you since Christmas’! lol ๐Ÿ˜€ so glad to see you are getting so many sponsors! good for you โค (hugs)


  5. Hi Lindsay ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your clay ornaments are a great idea and so easy to make.
    This video was perfect! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
    That 2015 ornament is a reminder that 2015 is just around the corner. This year went too fast.
    Best wishes.


  6. I think your videos are just right. I love the information you share with us. The other crafters should make their videos like yours, then they would have better tutorials too.


  7. I can use all the explanation you’ve got. My attempts so far have all burned. Thanks


  8. Am glad you put alot of info into your videos, so we would know what not to do. Knowing me all my clay ornaments may have come out all buried. It’s good to see what it looks like.


  9. That is too funny. I didn’t even notice the date on the ornament. hahaha


  10. No, you don’t over explain. Your teaching style is terrific. I learn so much from you, even about crafts I’ve been doing for years. And that’s because you add in the extra info and tips that make projects so much easier. I also really like the fact that you share options for alternative materials that can be used to make the project. These ornaments are beautiful. I have some air dry clay on hand that I’m going to try using for this project. Hugs!!!


  11. P.S. I didn’t notice that the year was wrong until you mentioned it here on the blog. lol I guess my head is somewhere else too.:)


  12. I did not pick up on the date, da! It just looked so well done. Just keep on doing what you are doing when explaining about products, l do not know that much about clay and appreciated the info. I am sure that l would have used the wrong product. Do not change what you are doing with the tutorials, they have the best info in them; l enjoy your teaching style. Thank you!


  13. I really live your videos andvthey are never too long. Thanks for all your hard work.


  14. Thank you for the laugh. Never are we going to have it all together, all the time.


  15. Very pretty and you have one for next year. See you got an early start.


  16. This cracks me up. This is so something I would do. The tags are wonderful!


  17. LOVE these! Playdough ornaments all grown up!


  18. Hi Lindsay, I never thought of using my stamps with my clay. Gonna have to get it all out and play today! Thanks as always!!!


  19. You know I would have done the same thing with the date. Since we are going to celebrate 2015. For me 2014 is already behind, and I am looking forward to see 2015 and all the good things it is going to bring.
    In a word, I am with you my friend !! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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