Let’s Pick a Winner & Make a Popcorn Box!

Hi friends! Tonight I have selected, at random, a winner for the GreenSneakers template giveaway…adkwyvern (AKA Angela)!!! Make sure you respond to the email I sent you so you can get your prize! I was inspired to use the GreenSneaker popcorn box template for tonight’s project:


I think that this would be cute for serving popcorn at a party or for tucking some boxes of candy, and a DVD or cinema tickets in for a custom gift for a movie lover! Watch the video to see how it is done:

I want to thank everyone who played along in this giveaway. Don’t forget the coupon Lind20 is still good for 20% off your order through 11/30/14 so you can grab the goodies you want and save! Thanks to Greensneakers for sponsoring this giveaway and thank you for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

10 Responses

  1. congrats Angela!! you lucky girl you!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • and Lindsay, you always crack me up with some of your comments 😀 i’m a crazy lunatic too! lol 😀 too funny how crazy is it that i always answer you on the vid, lol, like you can hear me!! 😀 happy Thanksgiving to you and your family 🙂


  2. Lindsay you entertaine as well as being soooo creative. You made me lol when you said you are a lunatic. I am right there with you on being crazy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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  3. awesome… and yes, it is better than Martha Stewart, I think.

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  4. Never seen the popcorn holder template before! Very interesting. Thanks for the video clip 🙂


  5. Very cute idea


  6. Congratulations Angela ! You are going to have a lot of fun !! Thanks Lindsay for this giveaway !


  7. Is anyone else having trouble using the Lind20 discount code. It tells be it is invalid.


    • I have not hear of anyone having trouble but I know you have to log in to use the code and also hit the “apply” button. I forwarded the comment to the owner too so he can check. If that does not work (sometimes if someone tries the code too many times it kicks it out of the system) email the owner and he will send you a new code to use. Good luck:)


  8. That’s a GREAT party idea. Thanks. And, congratulations to the winner. How lucky you are.


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