Have you been missing videos? And DIY Glue Dot Tutorial!

Hi friends! Well, I have been busy with my new hobby…learning how to twitter…or tweet, I’m not really sure. But the reason I have logged into my long neglected twitter account was because of you guys! I have been receiving emails lately from some viewers who were upset that they were missing videos, one woman had thought I stopped posting over the summer and quite a few were saying that my daily videos were not showing up in their You Tube subscriber feeds and they were not getting the subscriber emails from YouTube. I did not know what to do, I did not realize that everything you subscribe to does not show up in your feed until I had to hunt down the latest videos from one of my favorite YouTubers. Then it clicked! I remembered that my Youtube account has a feature to post to twitter as soon as a video goes live. I thought, hey, that could be my solution for my friends who use Twitter, they can ignore it if the video does not interest them or watch it if it does and it won’t clog up their emails. My Username on Twitter is @lindsayweirich and my name is TheFrugalCrafter, I would have reversed that but thefrugalcrafter is too long and someone already has frugalcrafter as a username so there we are. I only have a handful of friends on Twitter so I’d love it if you followed me (maybe you can give me some tips?) I hope this solution is helpful to those of you who are missing videos. I try to eventually get all of the videos I upload here on the blog but it does not always happen so this way you won’s miss anything:) I am so grateful to everyone who watches my videos and I don’t want to overwhelm anyone but I want to make sure you can find them if you want them, that’s all:)

Now for today’s video!

DIY Glue Dots:


Aleenes Tack It Over & Over Glue ($4 and will make thousands of dots!)

wax paper

Directions: Squeeze out small drops of glue on wax paper and let dry. Cover with another sheet of wax paper when dry. Sticker paper backing works better than wax paper if you have it. I have even kept mine in an old sticker book.

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


14 Responses

  1. Awesomeness!! Thank you so much for this cool tip!! My twitter name is @barbaramacaskil if you want to follow me. I don’t do a lot of tweeting but it comes in handy sometimes.


  2. GENIUS Lindsay!!! I can never find the micro dots, so now I can make my own…and any size I want! Thank you so much for sharing!!!


  3. Thank you for sharing. I did this year’s ago whe Aleene had a TV show.


  4. this trick works so very very well. My grandchildren think i’m a genius b/c i make my own glue dots. They are very expensive to buy in my opinion, and the homemade ones are stickier and last longer. Just do keep them away from the cats…don’t ask.


  5. I need a bumper sticker that says I LOVE LINNDDSSSAAAAY!!!!!!! Thank you!

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  6. hey Lindsay, tried following you but when i searched for you, it was someone else…couldnt find you, but had been tweeting your vids/newsletter for a little while now, as well as, other places!! but now i am following you, and if you care to follow me it is @freespiritczs 🙂


  7. thank you for heads up on the videos. I was one that had decided it must have been me because I was not able to open your videos . I am now signed up for your twitter also.


  8. You had mentioned these glue dots in one of your past videos and
    I have been using them ever since. These dots are very handy
    when crafting. Fantastic idea!!


  9. thanks so much, you always share the more brilliant tips – p.s. I always share, thumbs up, etc… just have a few different ids the way i have different moods hehehe (actually just never felt good about having my real name all over the internet and never after making various ids on various sites how they might appear random – and that was before i was able to connect my fb to everything too hahaha!) Anyhow, now I’m also following you on twitter too (@rap67) just like I follow you on each place/space I frequent.


  10. I love this idea and will be using it. Thumbs up


  11. Hi Lindsay. For your Youtube updates only, it is US to go to our Youtube Subscriptions and clic for each channel “send me updates”. If we don’t do that, we don’t see the updates. Again : WE have to do that for each channel we want the updates.
    So in case you think it is your fault, it is not. For twitter, I am no help because don’t know much about that.
    Hope it helps someone.


  12. Wow, that is pretty handy to know. Thanks.


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