Paris is always a good idea!

Hi Friends! Whew, I just got back from seeing the new Mocking Jay movie! I really liked it! Ten of us friends went together, I drove one of the carpool vehicles which was referred to as “Mr. Toads Wild Ride” hey, I will entertain you to and from the movie, that is the kinda gal I am! we had a great time and most importantly I delivered everyone (well the 5 in my car) home safe and sound. I did not really have  a post planned tonight but I did make this fun journal page the other day so I thought I would share. I am using an Audrey Hepburn Quote:

Please note that the virtual convention sale with Lost Coast Designs I mentioned in the video is over but maybe if you type “Lindsay sent me” in the comments box the owner will do something nice for you:) I used the cityscape and 4th dimension background stamps. I would have liked to blog this last weekend but I did not have the time. I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


14 Responses

  1. I love the colors you used, it looks great:)


  2. LOVED your video today, Lindsey! I have the stamp – but I’d love to have the stencil – gotta link? I am quite into cityscapes, so always on the lookout for enablements. At about 53 seconds or so into your video, you said you had been listening to someone, John, then indistinguishable – may I ask who you were listening to? I listen to several you tube personalities and am always looking for more that interest me. Thank you!!!


  3. I love Paris this is fantastic!!


  4. I love it


  5. Even though you “messed it up”, I really like it. It’s spontaneous so it’s perfect!


  6. Lindsay sent me. It turned out great! What kind of inks did you spray in the beginning of the video? Thanks


  7. I like that you have this wonderful sense of play, which (at the tender age of 64 I am just learning to do!). About the left/right thing: it’s just the way your brain is wired. I worked with someone once who had the same issue. We were doing home health at the time, so she had quite a few adventures to share that had to do with following directions to her clients’ homes. (Add to that factor this thing I learned: some people can’t give you accurate directions to their own homes!!! I have a few “driving adventures” to share too!)


  8. I really do like the way this turned out! Go with the flow….another great tut! Thanks


  9. Most of my art adventures go the way this one went… it seems that “just starting somewhere” gets it going… and surprises you in the end. I really like this video so much!


  10. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    This Paris watercolour painting and your printing were great! Hope your “get motivated” feeling has improved. We all go through days like that, so you are not alone. You are such an inspiration to me, and others, that I enjoy everything you do in your videos. Thank you for sharing your many talents. Take care and best wishes always.


  11. Love the way this page came together! I hope you’ll do a flip through of your journal when it’s all “done”, it’s always so inspiring to see other people’s filled journals.


  12. Great video as always Lindsay.


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