“Wine” a bit {you’ll feel better!}

Hi friends! Today we are going to paint wine glasses BUT if wine is not your thing you can use this technique to paint on any kind of glassware you like such as plates or mugs. Just be sure that the paint will not come in contact with food, notice how my vines are painted below the “lip line.” A couple of days ago I showed you how to paint a wine display and today I will show you how to paint the glasses:


I designed this project to match the palette on the bottle of 2013 Grenache wine from Uproot. They are offering all of my blog readers 15% off their purchase now through December 31st with the coupon code FRUGAL. I think that this set would make a wonderful gift for any wine lover! You do not need to be a painter to make this. All you need is a #1 round brush, a 1/4″ angle brush and Folk Art Enamels (or your choice of permanent glass paint.) Watch the tutorial to see how it’s done.

Make sure to read the label on the glass paint you use to learn how to care for your hand-painted glasses. I like to air dry mine and then bake it in the oven to speed up curing time. All of that info can be found on whatever glass paint you choose.  You may choose to use different colors than I did because you are trying to match different colors or because you prefer another wine.  I wanted to share the color palette I used. I like how Uproot makes a flavor palette so you can see how much or a particular flavor is in the wine, it helps you pick the perfect bottle even if you are not an expert.


Actually I think that color palette would be cute to paint on some white bowls or mugs with cocoa as a gift. You could outfit a kitchen in this color scheme! I hope you enjoyed these tutorials. I want to thank Uproot wines for sponsoring this post and remind you to use the code frugal to save 15% on your order through 12/31/14. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

5 Responses

  1. I like the idea for cocoa cups, etc with colors painted on. I’m trying very hard for multiple reasons of being very creative and old fashioned in my gift giving this year. Hence, viewing your stamp collection. I had no idea it had grown so much. Any ideas for “tween” aged boy’s handcrafter gifts would be a God send. Thx, Lynda


  2. So simple and so sweet. You are a wonder Lindsay. You come up with doable projects for all crafting levels. Love this video. One I can go o on cocoa mugs! Nothing says it has to be wine glasses!!!. Love from you friend in Florida. Della


  3. I love your videos! I made your Zentangle scene into a liner for a glass topped tray!!! What a cute tray! I use it to hold the color pencils I am using for a drawing!!! Makes me smile every time I look at it! How can I send you a picture?!?!…..if you’d like one, that is!!?
    Keep doing what you do!!! Love your art, your work shop, your stories! You’ve got the whole package wrapped up. Eautifully!!! 😄


  4. Great gift. I am selling wine tags at the art gallery and the rack for the two glasses with the bottles is a great craft idea.


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