Pretty Primative Christmas Decor (Mini Burlap Trees!)

Hi friends! A couple of weeks ago I found Styrofoam cones at the dollar store and realizing how expensive they were normally I bought three. I was thinking about what I wanted to do with them when I noticed my spools of pretty burlap ribbon from Offray sitting on my table. I also had some narrow sherry red ribbon out that would be a perfect accent and match my living room perfectly!


These trees are very easy to make. You will need:

1. Wrap cone with burlap ribbon. Secure with hot glue. Make sure to pleat the ribbon as you go for a snug fit.
2. Wrap with sheer ribbon for garland.
3. Attach handmade ribbon rosettes using hot glue.
4. Add beads or sequins with sequins pins or straight pins.

It was a bit hard to see the tiny rolled roses in the tree video so I decided to make a larger one slowly so you can see the process in more detail. These larger roses would look swell on gifts or on barrettes and pins:

I want to thank Offray for sponsoring today’s post. You can find most of the supplies I used and many more wonderful ribbons at Be sure to use the coupon FRUGAL15 to save 15% on your order through 12/31/14. Happy crafting!


3 Responses

  1. Love the use of the Tack It Over and Over! And Thank You! for stating in your written commentary that you were using “narrow” rather than “thin” ribbon! I hate when people misuse those terms interchangeably.Cute and fast little trees! The grandkids could easily manage to make those! Great idea!


  2. I’m thinking of things that one already has around that could be used for the Christmas tree form. Cereal box, cut open and then twisted into a cone shape and stapled…a section of newspaper, twisted into a cone shape and held with string, rubber bands or tape…an empty bottle of some sort…


    • yes, try the cereal box if you are using glue. I made some cereal box forms for a tutorial this week, they worked very well! Pinning will not work as well on these but heck, they are free and better for the environment!


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