Apparently my viewers are smarter than me…{I always knew it was true}

Hi friends! Yesterday I uploaded this video on how to make an advent calendar. The best thing about it were the tips that YOU gave me on YouTube on how to improve it!


First watch the video then read on for great tips from fellow viewers:

I love the macaroon boxes from Papermart, they come in a set  of 24 but I had already used 11 of them so I did not have enough to make a 24 drawer advent calendar, plus that would be really big and it would be hard to find room for it. Well, pippynoodle suggested that I turn the box around and number the back side of the box 13-24 since the drawers can be opened from either side and Teresa’sHandCrafted Items suggested dividing the drawers in the center which is a great idea if you just have one kid but since I have 3 I would keep the drawers open and just do a refill on day 13. The other great tip came from Violingirl79 who said “Surely it doesn’t matter what order you put it together in if all the box drawers come out? If you get one in the wrong place you just swap the drawers around.” She is right! This project is even more easy and foolproof than I first though (and take it from me, I’m just the fool to prove it!) If you have some cool ideas to share leave a comment, I am getting so many wonderful ideas from you guys today (you are totally doing my job here!)


1. Paint the fronts of each box green and stamp a number 1-12 on the front. *Remember you can stamp the numbers 13-24 on the back as well for a double-sided calendar!
2. Assemble the boxes and add a duct tape pull tab. Place box in slider sleeve.
3. Glue together boxes in the shape of a Christmas tree as shown.

This project will take about 45 minutes. I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy Christmas craft. Thanks so much to my YouTube friends who came up with tips to improve this project and thank you for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


10 Responses

  1. I think this a great idea. I understand why there were comments about it doesn’t matter where you glue the boxes together or rather what
    numbers as the drawers pull out so you can then put them in whatever order you want.


  2. Lindsey You Rock!! 🙂


  3. Lindsay, so, so cute. Great project for the grand kids. Now, if only I could find images for the front of the boxes instead of painting them.


  4. Just a thought, would it be easier to glue the sides of the boxes together to form the row then glue the bottom (or top, like the bottom two boxes) for quick centering?
    Cute project! Every year I think I should make an advent calendar, but I never do 😦 now my kids are teens. Not too late, is it?
    When I was a kid, my sister and I each had a felt Santa wall hanging that 24mini candy canes were tied to. I’m not a candy cane fan, but I always loved it when Santa came out of hiding!


  5. very clever – but an advent calendar usually has 24 days. Seeing that the boxes can be pulled out on both sides, you could decorate the back of it for days 13-24. Just refill & turn around!


  6. Their not smarter just had more time to think about it than you did since you are always on the run. It is like a hive mind. We work together to make the yummiest honey 😉

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  7. I love the one Lindys your great .and it went to gether well , Iam sure if people was telling you there way of putting it together but that was your way and I loved your youtubes…I can fine the thumbs up thing but you alwasy have one from me….


  8. What a cute idea! Tfs Love ya’ Patricia B


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