Ask a Crafter S3:E8

Hi Friends! Wow, what a  dreary day, it was so dark and drizzly today, I actually brewed a second pot of coffee to power through. I was in the middle of projects today. I like to start  a project and I like to finish a project but working on middles are not my favorite things, I had some tedious middles to work on today and I felt like I was just spinning my wheels. BUT that means tomorrow I will get to make a bunch of ends and I love ends! I we be checking stuff off my to-do lists like a madwoman! Also I have some fun Christmas projects for you coming up over the next couple of days so you can get a jump-start on the holiday or make a few things to sell at craft fairs because as you know I am totally fine with you copying projects you see on my blog to sell (more money for crafty goodness or Christmas presents I say!) Well, today is Wednesday and that means Ask a Crafter time with my pals Kathy and Lorraine, let’s see what questions we received this week:

If we did not get to your question rest assured, it is in the jar. Leave a question in the comments section if you would like us to answer it in an upcoming episode of AAC. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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  1. Hi! Without meaning to sound “stalker-like,” 🙂 I’m CRAZY about your blogs, YouTube channel … everything! It’s been only recently since I’ve found you. My question: I’m a 45-year-old woman and just this year have discovered what I want to be when I grow up.
    I’ve dabbled in painting, pottery, etc., for a long time, but never thought I was good enough so never really took it seriously? I just had a flashback of my childhood the other day and realized I had been doing kind of artsy, craftsy stuff way back when. Like making a man from scraps of 2 x 4’s from my yard,painting him with leftover paint, hammering him together with beer bottle caps for eyes? That sort of thing. Also had made a little living room inside of a shoebox with glued on pebbles for fireplace and a broom from twigs; that kind of stuff. So, I guess you could say I was doing mixed media and of course just now realized it! Okay, that’s not the question, sorry!
    I’m on a limited, limited budget. By this I mean unemployed and TRYING to get my husband as excited about arts and crafts as I am so he won’t mind shelling out money so much. As a Pinterest addict now, I see all kinds of stuff I want to make and I want to make them yesterday! I’m very impulsive. There are a million projects I want to do, all spinning around in my head constantly. HOW do I choose which direction to go, or which craft to start, or narrow everything down? HOW do I get a craft room like yours stocked to the gills with EVERYTHING? I’m so desperate for supplies I’ve placed wanted ads a couple of places. There has to be somebody that wants to get rid of the Silhouette machine they thought they just had to have? I know there are tons of people who have art and craft supplies just laying around collecting dust? People who’ve lost interest? I’ve even checked the Web for FREE or SPONSOR programs, be a tester for a new art supply product; the list goes on. Before, I never would have dared asking anyone for anything so this is truly a sign of desperation! Uugghh! The other thing is I probably wouldn’t know what to do with this stuff if I had it!

    Another thing. HOW DO YOU and others like you come up with all of your ideas?? This drives me crazy!; I just want to create something that screams me. My signature design if you will. I mentioned my age because I’m almost 50 and there’s not much time left to figure all of this stuff out! Like, I started too late :’-(

    Well, that’s it for NOW! You can probably tell I’ve got a little ADHD going on? Well, it’s true, but still … praying you can help! Thanks so much for your time and thanks for all you do for all of us! You’re awesome!! Thank you in advance for any answer you might have. Wishing you the best, Chris.

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  2. I want to invest in a high quality watercolor pencil set. Would you please discuss the pros and cons of FC Albrecht Drurer and Caran d’ache Supracolors? Do you think the supra colors are worth their premium price. I have a few Inktense pencils and think they can be a bit grainy when water is applied. I am looking for a smoother yet intense color. Many thanks!


  3. Hi – just watched another great Ask the Crafter :-)…thanks they are always so useful.

    One point you mentioned was about Digital publishing…I use and it’s really good. You can print from it, see the site, but you would also have a copy on pdf anyway which you could print out. You have to use a pdf file in order to submit to issuu in the first place.
    Hope this helps….all the best.


  4. can you tell who won the Halloween stamps?


  5. My suggestion to Chris…and I did. It start crafting until I retired….is to watch some blogs or videos, see something you would like to do with the supplies you already have, and give it a try. You will quickly decide if you like that STYLE or not – eventually you will find your signature style….fun, mixed media, elegant, sweet, flowers, landscapes, etc., etc. please do NOT buy everything to do a project….as you. At wind up not liking that type of thing at all…..get the minimum. If it is your style, you can always buy a better grade and more. Maybe start with a student grade watercolor set of pencils and a water pen…a few basic stamps and a black waterproof ink pad. Start slow with just a few supplies…see what you like and then upgrade from there. You might try a few classes. Hope this helps….and you are not starting too Late!!!


    • Hi Jan! I’m so embarrassed! I wasn’t sure my post made it or not. Thank you, thank you so very much for your help!! I would LOVE to take classes, unfortunately, I seem to live in an area where I’m the only person trying to craft. I read many blogs where people live in what seem to be great communities; artsy and creative. I’ve spent the last couple of years learning Zentangle. For the first time in my life I had a GOAL;-) which was to become a CZT and get my community rocking. Well, this apparently was to lofty a goal as of course the price is way out of my range and the seminar is located in Rhode Island. Ha!

      You are so right! I should probably TRY to stick with one thing. Right now I’m making braided rag rugs from a loom. So far I’ve kinda completed one 🙂

      Oh! And I’m sure I mentioned how happy I am to have found the frugal crafter!! I have the stuff to make the Gelli plate and I think this will be a great way to start; however, I have to make it first!
      Thanks again Jan for your great advice and for taking the time to help. I wish you an awesome day! Chris


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