Ask a Crafter S3:E6

Hi Friends! Man, I am so tired tonight, I had to drag my sorry butt off the couch to write this but I know how much you love your weekly crafty gab session with the girls so I am happy to do so! Without further ado join Lorraine, Kathy and me for this weeks ask a crafter!

…zzzzzzz…oh, yes, I am awake:) I hope you have a great night and til next time happy crafting!

13 thoughts on “Ask a Crafter S3:E6

  1. Toni says: This video should be called “horizontal and vertical” Laugh a crafter. Oops! That is an actual Freudian slip. It’s ask a crafter, and I want to know how to use Sookwang tape and make fall leaves for a card…ever done that before?


  2. Hi gals re virtual crop! I have belonged to a couple of quilters groups where they designate a night ( ie first Friday of the month ) and people all over the world sit in their space and quilt then upload photos of what they made to a blog/site and everybody else goes there over the next few days to see what people did. I think that would work equally well, what do you think.

    Maxine in australia


  3. You girls are too cute…..I love this segment of ask a crafter….lots of info and lots of laughs! I like the idea of the live crop. I say go for it!!


  4. Did you know YouTube put some ads on some of your videos? I went to watch a few on your YouTube channel, and I couldn’t skip any of the ads. I didn’t watch any on YouTube. But I hope you can fix it before they’re posted here. Love your videos, can’t stand ads.


    1. Hi Erin, the ads are how I get paid. Without ads I would not be able to create free videos. I am sorry you dislike the ads but the ones that you can not skip are short at least. I hope you understand:)


  5. I have to say I’m a little a little leery about a live event if you think you internet may not be able to handle it. “Lower quality steaming” doesn’t sound that bad at first. So the video is not high definition, big deal. But when the connection is not great and the video lags, breaks up or garbles the audio, or skips it becomes quite hard, almost unbearable, to watch. I’ve had to stop watching streams because the video was unintelligible. (Things were fine on my end. My internet connection was strong. The problems were on the host’s end of things. Many other viewers had problems too.) Of course there’s no harm in trying. :-)Things may go off without a hitch. I like the idea of a live crop much better than a live Ask A Crafter; which you asked about a few weeks ago. I think a live AAC would be a little unfair to those who have questions and can’t ask them because they missed the live event. In the case of AAC, I would much rather have an extended or multi part pre-recorded episode of AAC. That’s just my two cents. If you choose to do the live event I hope it goes well, and that you and everyone who is able to attend has a great time. 🙂 Oh! And if you do host a live event, do you think it would be too much trouble for you to save a recorded version for your YouTube? That way if anyone misses it, they can still see it. 🙂

    Thanks and Have a good day ♡


    1. yes, it willautomatticly be archived. I am still on the fence about it. I think I might do a live crop in the facebook group or something, we will see:)


      1. Just caught this, and I am glad to hear you may go live for some venues – Not that I would be up at 3 a.m. to watch! However, moving over to facebook for my morning coffee later in the morning is a no-brainer. Good to hear you are ‘in tune’ with your viewing audience of crafters. Good Show Lindsay. . . However, sorry to hear about the snow and the damage done to grid stuff. Must be nice living in Maine?? We’re getting a wood burning stove this weekend – nice to have in a grid down scenario. LOL. . .


  6. So happy to have all of you back. You were missed! Have you ever drilled into a glass bottle? I saw a jug stuffed with mini lights that was really pretty.


  7. Doing something live sounds pretty complicated to me. A drawback for me is the timing. I can’t always watch live events. It is easier for me to watch when I have the time. I know I can still do that, but I guess it wouldn’t be as much fun.


  8. Hello Ladies! I purchased a pack of 20 A4 sheets of NEENAH classic crest card, and now I have hoarded it for way too long. Should I go ahead and use it as a gently sponged and splattered background page for my maple stained glass leaf card? I love the feel of the paper and I pick it up occasionally, feel of it and gently put back on the shelf. Stuff is so hard to come by here in Bavaria and I feel like a real doofus about my hoard of supplies. I keep thinking a project is going to present its self and then my ‘nice’ expensive stuff will have been used up. Oh Arrrgh! I am counting on you to HELP me get over this insanity!



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